Wide Range Of Computer Jobs In Dell, CTS, And Cognizant The Main Attractant For The Aspirants

In today’s times, the computer engineering or computer application streams have emerged as the most demanded subjects. Be it a B Tech or a M Tech course, or the masters or bachelors in computer applications, computer related jobs have become quite diversified in a very short period of time. Broadly, these jobs are divided into hardware related or software related.

In each of these fields, there are different categories of jobs that can be found. Starting from the diploma courses or the diploma courses, students can also select the bachelor and masters degree as well as do the Phd courses, so that they are knowledgeable enough about the computers. This gives an edge to the students to find a job that suits them professionally and career wise.

With the software solution providing companies and organisations opening up in large numbers in India, it has come as a blessing for students pursuing these courses. Since these courses are of varying durations, the knowledge imparted in these courses is different and according to this knowledge, the students are recruited in different companies. The jobs in Dell and other such multinational companies are therefore much in demand.

The usual jobs that are offered in such companies include system analysts, system consultants, software tools development engineer, storage software consultants, etc. These jobs require an expertise in the students so as to carry out the different system and software related works. The competency of the aspiring students is judged by few rounds of interviews and then only, after passing through these intricate sessions, one can find himself or herself amongst the jobs in Dell. These are not only prestigious but are also handsomely paying and therefore quite attractive.

The jobs in Cognizant are also in favour among the students. Since, this company also belongs to the group of multinational companies, it is always lucrative to work as software consultants, senior business analysts, programmer analysts, senior process and quality analysts, technical lead, etc. There are also financial jobs in Cognizant which can be taken up by the eligible and interested candidates.

These posts are quite well paid and have a lot of responsibility. Due to this reason, the new recruits are supposed to undergo training for a certain period, before going fullfledged into the mainstream work. The name and fame of such multinational companies also brings along with them, a lot of responsibility. The jobs in CTS are also a matter of responsibility, although CTS is an Indian company.

The spectrum of jobs are also the same as in other software companies, and would include system analyst, business development managers, project consultants and project managers, etc. The students who are able to secure the jobs in CTS, Cognizant or even Dell, should rest assured of a great career in front of them. With such an assurance, they should try their best to excel in their respective areas of expertise and also work for the development of the company. Those who are belligerent in their work and are dedicated, the growth pattern for them is always towards the north, be it Dell or CTS.

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