What Gift Can You Give Your Special One On Her Birthday

Are you a gadget freak? Do you love your laptop more than your girlfriend or cant you live without surfing e mails and chatting with friends on a social networking site suing your mobile phone? If the answer of all these questions is affirmative then you can be simply categorized as a gadget freak.

And it is for all these gadget freaks that I am writing this article.

If you love collecting gadgets out of the love for them and use the gifts of the latest technological breakthroughs, then I must tell you that if you do not have the ultimate three gadgets near your hand for use, then you can simply be categorized as a gadget freak who has lost his chance of collecting the best gadgets available in the past 10 years.

According to several tech magazines and reviews, the top three gadgets available between 2000 and 2010 are listed below. They are as follows.

First in the list comes the apple i pad and it is for sure that the first place got to be given to this wonderful baby who has successfully created the craze for apple laptops around the world. The price of this laptop revolves around $499 to $599 and it is a must collect gadget for any person who loves gadget and cant live without them. The laptop is available in several attractive colors and is attractive because of its slim looks and its portable design. The innovative design of this laptop is not only the single great feature installed in this dream gadget but it is also equipped with several other features which include super fast performance, voice recognizer, finger print scanner etc which would drive any person crazy and make him or her fall in love with this little piece of spectacular gadget.

Next is the list is the X BOX 360 from Microsoft. Being the successor of the original X BOX, this gaming console has perhaps worked out miracles with the users of the other consoles and has successfully made them shift from popular consoles like Nintendo and Sony play station to the X BOX. Having improved graphic accelerators and several other added features like wire less remotes, online game play options, and a 20 GB extendable memory, this console has offered more than what the gamers had desired from Microsoft.

The last but not the least, comes the 3D television from Samsung which is priced somewhere around $4000 to $5000 and is a must buy for any person who is involved in collecting gadgets.