What Are Computer Games

Computer Games are video games played on a personal computer. These are not the games played on arcade machine or video game consoles like the Playstation or Wii. PC games, which is a common term for computer games, have changed (and progressed) a lot since they first started.

Early PC games mostly include text adventures and interactive fiction, where players communicated with the computer by entering commands. OXO (which is a computer adaptation of Tic Tac Toe) and Spacewar are some of the earliest PC games that pioneered in the 1960’s. By the late 1970s to 1980s, computers were already capable of running games on their own. Previously, most computer games were educational – typing, counting, etc. Now that computers have evolved and are more powerful, PC games have also changed a lot – from graphics, levels of difficulty, sounds, etc. With the Internet, online games enable players to be connected to the gaming world and interact with other players. Games can be distributed now thru CD and sharewares. Games could only be installed using diskettes before but an awful lot has changed throughout the years – and now you can download a game right from the Internet. Computer games will always develop together with the advancement of the computer.

Below is a list of the major types of PM games:

1. Trivia – Some PC games are trivia based and are educational. Popular themes for this type of games are history and geography.

2. Shooter – these games focus on combat using weapons such as guns and missiles.

3. Adventure games- these games may include puzzles, strategy and role-playing. This is one of the most popular types of genre in computer games.

4. Simulation – these games are artificial life games, where you control and involve in the decision making of your Sims or artificial life.

5. Racing Games – These are very common PC games where the mouse is the major means to operate and play this type of game. These games are based on racing competitions like motocross, F21, etc.

6. Sports – these games are based on real sports such as basketball, football, soccer, etc.

7. Puzzles – These are brain-challenging games such as crosswords, Sudoku and other puzzles.

8. Strategies- Challenging in the sense that you create strategies to defeat enemies.

9. Fighting – Combat games are famous but may be violent. These games may also include playing with other online players.

10. Role-playing – Players will get to play a role in the game. This is often used in adventure, fighting and strategy games.

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