The Most Efficient Aquaponics Technology Raft System

The newest aquaponics technology nowadays is the raft system. This kind of technology is still continuously developing and there are two major methods that are involved. First is the media filled bed system, wherein you may use your backyard as a starting point of your career and good for all the beginners out there. Second is the raft system, wherein almost all of the commercial growers are using this kind of approach. The nutrient film technique is the third kind of technology which is less used and less popular method of aquaponics. In a raft system, or also known as the float, the plants are being grown in a floating polystyrene boards that are floating on top of the water. This kind of system is using components which will increase the stocking densities of fishes and will also with the production of plants.

In addition to that the media filled system is also using a tank container which is filled of gravel, per lite and other Medias for the plant bed. This kind of bed is then filled with water coming from the fish tank. The water now will basically drain to the fish tank, allowing the media filled system to increase the production of different crops. Basing on a big scale, the raft system is producing more fishes because of the filtration of the components which are found on the layout of the raft tanks. If you wanted to know more about the advantages of the raft tanks, then in this article it will be briefly discussed. The aquaponic raft system is composed of circulating water which are coming from the fish tanks and passing through the large filters and shallow tanks. The plants will lie in these tanks together with their roots dangling in the water. The solid wastes that are coming from the fishes are then removed through a filter or what we call solid removal devices.

Most of the research scientist at the University of the Virgin Islands have already developed a kind of commercial viable raft aquaponic system that have adopted by the growers all over the world because of its viability and greatest usage of bases, researches and datas. One of its unique advantages of the raft system is its high volume of water that can be produced in the system. This will act now as butter for the fishes. Like in the typical aquaculture systems which are re-circulating, the fishes are stocked at a density of lb per gallon of water. This kind of fish stocking will make the rate more manageable for the water quality and also for the health of the fishes which are considered to be very challenging. In the raft aquaponics, all of the water which is re-circulating must have 5-8 times more water which are contained in your filter and raft tanks. This will also mean that the proper designations of the raft aquaponic system or even with your tanks that are fully stocked are just only containing 1/16th fishes per gallon of water system.

Primarily, this raft system will take very large amounts of volume of water, but you will realize in the end that this kind of system is the most efficient models when it comes to water usage in all your food production. Since we have considered the largest surface area as the raft tanks and it is covered with rafts, so evaporation process which is taking place is very minimal. You may replace every day the water that has been used in cleaning your filter tanks but there is no water lost to weeds, because it is rest assured that there are no weeds occurring. The ratio for the fishes and plants has been determined by the research scientists, also with its filter tank sizes and water volumes which are needed. All of these factors are contributing much to the raft aquaponics as the choice for all the aquaponic growers all throughout the world. It is also believed that raft aquaponics is considered to be the most dependable, efficient and developed kind of method for all the aquaponic food production. So what are you waiting for, grab your chance now as one of the aquaponic grower.