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Instructions of Hootoo IP Camera Setup and Software Firmware update

November 5, 2018

Recently more and more customers have purchased Hootoo IP camera. For some green hand, it requires more to set up this Hootoo IP camera. As a consequence, I prefer to post the Hootoo IP camera setup steps. Hope this will help you while receiving our products.

Step 1: Hardware Instruction.
1. Install the Wi-Fi antenna.
2. Plug the power adaptor into camera.
3. Plug the network cable into camera and router/switch.

Step 2: Software Installation.
Install the follow software:
1. IP Camera Tool: Open the CD, click “IPCamSetup.exe””Next””Next””Close”.
2. ActiveX: Click “Appinstall.exe””Next””Install””Finish”.
After this done, the icon “IP Camera Tool” will be displayed on desktop.

Step 3: Real-time Video Demonstration.
1. Login:
Double click “IP Camera Tool” icon on desktop, search the IP address, choose the one of your camera, double click to go to IE login interface.
Default username: admin
Password: no password.
2. Choose the language.
English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Korean optional.
3. Choose the work mode.
IE browser: choose ActiveX mode.
Safari, Firefox, Google browser: Server push mode.
Mobile phone: sign in mobile phone.
4. Sign in.
Click Sign In, then can get video on real-time.

No pictures problem with ActiveX Settings for IE Browser

If use IE browser to connect the camera for the 1st time, maybe there is no image displayed, and there will be a clue to install the ActiveX. In this case, please do the follow steps:
1. Close the firewall of your computer.
2. Change the ActiveX settings, “IE” browser > “Tool” > “Internet Options” > “Security”> “Custom Level” > “ActiveX control and Plug-ins”, all the ActiveX options set to be “Enable”:
In addition: you can also click “start” menu->”Internet Explorer”, choose “Internet attributes ” to enter, or via “Control Panel” ->”Internet Explorer”, enter to Security setting.
3. If there is still no image, please close your anti-virus software, and then try step 1 & 2 again.

Wireless Settings
1. Make sure the router is wireless router.
2. Make sure the Wi-Fi antenna installed.
3. Make sure whether there is encryption of the WLAN of router, if there is encryption, keep the key.
4. Login the camera, click “Network”>”Wireless Lan Settings”>”Scan”, please scan 2 times, then you will find the WLAN from the list, choose the one you use.
5. If there is no encryption, just click “Submit”, if there is encryption, please input the key, then click “Submit”.
6. Wait about 30 seconds, the camera will reboot, then unplug the network cable.

How to use DDNS
1. Login the camera:
Click “Network”>”DDNS Service Settings”.
2. Choose the DDNS, there are 2 options:
Manufacturers DDNS: This domain is provided by manufacturer.
Third Party DDNS: This domain is provided by the 3rd party, such as Dyndns, Oray, 3322 etc.
Third Party DDNS
If you use third party DDNS, please choose the server you use, such as “” or “” as below:
You have to register an account firstly, keep the user, password, host, then input it.
Note: Only one DDNS can be chosen, for example, if you use manufacturers DDNS, the 3rd one wont work, if use the 3rd DDNS, the manufacturers one wont work.
3. Change the cameras port.
The default port of camera is “80”, please change “80” to any other one you like, such as “81”, “100”, “8091” etc.
Click “OK”, the camera will reboot, wait about 30 seconds.
Make sure the “Subnet Mask”, “Gateway”, “DNS Server” is the same as your router.
4. Set Port Forwarding in the router.
This is the most important step. Set port forwarding in router refer to the IP of your camera correctly, then the DDNS will work. Because there are so many kinds of routers from all over the world, so its difficult to show a fix steps, but there are some samples of different routers port forwarding settings as below, just for reference:

(1) Login the router.
(2) Choose “Forwarding”, select “Virtual Servers”
(3) Click the Add New button, pop-up below:
Fill the service port (except 80), IP address of the camera, then click Save
The port and IP address should be the same as Camera.

(1) Login the router.
(2) Choose “Firewall”, select “Virtual Servers”
(3) Input the port (except 80) and IP address, then click save.
Note: The port and IP address should be the same as Camera.

(1) Login the router.
(2) Choose “Advanced”, select “Virtual Servers”
(3) Input the port, IP address, Protocol, then click save.
Note: The “public port” & “private port” should be the same as cameras port, choose the protocol to be “both”.
After all these 4 steps done, then you can use the DDNS freely, check the DDNS status from the camera as below, and get the link of DDNS for internet view.
Step: “Login”>”System”>”Device Info”:

Thanks for your support and attention, for further operation details, please check the full version user manual of our IP Cameras!

How To Make Assessment With Trendy Educational Software

October 27, 2018

If you are a teacher or trainer and if you conduct an examination then you have to prepare the questions papers, format the examination module, score divisions, assess and generate the scores and certificates. All these tasks cannot be made possible for a single person and being a teacher you have to maintain perfection regarding the assessment and formatting the exam also. There are some software companies which provide customised services for conducting the examinations, tests, surveys and quizzes. Through this software you can create assessment of within a few minutes because all the questions and their answers are already set in this software before starting the examination. After the scheduled duration the assessment generator section of this software provides instant results with score and candidate details.

Prepare the assessment with the software:

When you make the question paper for exam or quiz, there are some questions which need some hints because students cannot understand these questions easily. For corporate houses and banking industries, organisers should insert their feedback and analysis with some mathematical and descriptive questions because they need to clarify neatly to the students and employees.

You can do this job in this software and use the assessment tool to prepare the questions. So your paper will be presented with more clarity and candidates can understand all the questions easily. If you conduct a quiz for your students or employees then also you can use this effective software. You can make the assessment of the quiz instantly and generate the result also. The unique point is that you need not download any software because after logging on to this programme you can access and conduct the exam, survey and quiz easily.

Online support and assessment:

You can access the online assessment maker with any kind of device because it is supported by computers, tablets and Smartphones also.

You can maintain the privacy policies of your company.

You can insert your company name and logo in the assessment sheet.

The assessment takes few minutes and it can generate an instant result and certificate.

The score report includes all the detailed analysis like, candidate name, IP address, timing, score and graphical analysis.

You can conduct the test online and customise the test process including the formatting and summative techniques also.

The online software maintains the 100% accuracy and it can only generate perfect report analysis.

Hardware and Software requirements for VoIP

July 13, 2018

Voice over Internet telephony has changed the way we communicate. The innovative, flexible and scalable solutions have engineered a revolution of sorts in the present day world. The concept of virtual area codes can be mentioned in this context. VoIP users can opt for this service and select an area that is distinctly different from where they live. They can then enjoy facilities such as unlimited long distance calls to friends and family members living in that area code. This way, they are able to save money while connecting at different levels with the people who matter. This is another area wherein the VoIP solutions have scored over the traditional phone services.

Businesses can also make the most of this high-end technology and use it to their advantage. They can, for instance, think about enhancing their scope and areas of operation, by floating local numbers in potential markets. It is quite evident that they would be getting more leads due to the low costs of local calls. When the number to be called is a local one, more people from target market segments are expected to call in.

The point is that the VoIP market is more than ready for the best of products and services. The only thing is that certain conditions need to be met for the successful implementation of this innovative technology. For instance, a computer with a high speed Internet access is a must-have. The computer should be updated with audio and video codes. This ensures that the persons using the VoIP products and services are not disappointed with the quality of the audio as well as graphics. Another pre-requisite is that the digital video compression format should also be present in the computer that is being used.

Moreover, another important requirement is the telephone adapter, which is often delivered by the voice over IP service providers, as an integral part of VoIP packages. As a matter of fact, this VoIP hardware is indispensable for converting the household phone into one that can be used for making Internet enabled calls. Most important, the hardware and software of VoIP that are needed for the successful running of IP solutions have to be implemented properly through a proper procedure of software installation and hardware activation.

Quite a few service providers are currently present in the market which can help end users to get initiated. As a matter of fact, due to the many choices that are available, it often becomes difficult for potential users to zero in on particular service providers. In this context, a VoIP requirements list becomes indispensable. It is preferable that potential users should go for VoIP wholesalers or resellers that have established themselves well in this domain. The quality of services also becomes important in this context.

It is quite natural that potential users would want to get the most for the money that they spend. So, it is quite evident that they would check out the features and costs of the VoIP solutions and services on offer. They would then be able to match the same with their requirements and select solutions that best satisfy their needs. Certain parameters that need special attention include the financial stability of the company, the technical support that the company offers, and last but most important, the overall voice quality.

IP Telephony Is A Cost Effective And Secure Technology

December 1, 2017

IP telephony is a funny name for a very practical and cost efficient technology that allows you to make calls with a digital cordless telephone using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Also known as voice over internet protocol or VoIP services, it is becoming more and more attractive to companies looking to lower costs, enhance security, and streamline communication between facilities in a reliable manner, inevitably increasing worker productivity.

The primary reason for migrating to VoIP is cost. Savings vary from firm to firm, but the industry reports an average savings of 40%. With the availability of data and voice bundles from a single provider, IP telephony gives businesses the tools they need to easily track expenses.

Pre-set pricing for VoIP services, with the exception of international calls, is a huge cost savings for businesses. Extra fees for international calls are at a considerably discounted rate compared with time worn telephone service providers. Simple and effortless billing means more time on worker productivity and less time wondering if your phone company has overcharged you.

Unlike traditional phone services with serious security vulnerabilities, multi-level security features such as firewalls, authentication and encryption are in place with VoIP to prevent attacks. These many layers of protection placed within the provider’s networks minimize your businesses susceptibility.

The layered security approach not only prevents attacks, but in the event of a security breach, it reduces the probability that the attack succeeds. Peace of mind can never be underrated.

VoIP offers a simple 3 digit transfer to any supported property or office. It does not matter if one office is in Missoula and the other office is in New York, the call is transferred as if they were in the same building.

It also allows businesses the ability to consolidate call answering from a central location, thus eliminating the liability of every office to manage their incoming calls with centralized call answering. Call centers are taking advantage of the opportunity to hire employees world wide. Employees may work in different time zones, giving greater customer service benefits year round.

Companies are looking for innovative ideas to cut costs and streamline services. IP telephony gives them the price, security and convenience to grow their business without a lot of hassle and a whole lot less complication.

The name may be funny, but VoIP services offer a serious alternative to traditional telephone services. The bottom line is, VoIP can save your enterprise cash without much effort. That is a very good thing.

Reasons To Hide Your Ip Address

October 2, 2017

Hiding your IP address is the best way for surfing the net anonymously. IP address is the Internet protocol address. This is the unique address of a computer on the Internet. The IP address consists of four numbers divided by periods. These numbers indicate the domain, the subnetwork, the network and the host computer. Each IP address mostly has an equivalent domain name address, spelled with four letters. It is very important to hide your IP address online. Hiding your IP address online ensures that your personal information is not leaked out to the outsiders.

By installing software in your PC, you can hide your IP address. Anonymous surfing of the web will enable you to safeguard your Internet privacy. There is nothing illegal in hiding your IP address, for the proper reasons. If you have any doubt regarding this you can always consult your legal advisor. The legal advisor can guide you about the matter.

An IP address changer can help you change your IP address when you are surfing online. The tools of IP address changer will let you change your IP address anytime by routing your Internet traffic through an overseas server. The tool has drop down box that enables the user to choose an IP address from one of the countries mentioned in the box. Hiding your IP address is the best option to protect your self from any kind of fraud.

Hiding your IP address also enables you to protect your computer from spyware. Spyware is the software that monitors the activities of the user of a computer. Some webmasters and software producers offer free downloads for your computer. Most of the free downloads are embedded with spyware. After you complete the download, the spyware gets installed in your computer and your activities can be monitored.

Hiding your IP address also gives you freedom from the constantly bombarding pop up ads in your computer. Whenever you enter a website, you will be flooded by the pop up ads. Constant flooding of the pop up ads in the computer can be very irritating and disturbing for the user. The efficiency of the computer also gets diminished due to this. Your computer can stop functioning when you have an urgent piece of work to do. Hiding your IP address will protect you from such situation.

The main advantage of hiding your IP address is that you are protected from any website that wants to monitor your online habits and activities. Hiding the IP address also makes sure that you do not receive any junk or bulk emails in your inbox. Good software for hiding your IP address will keep your computer safe from the hackers. If the software has the ability to support frequent IP address change, the chances of protecting your privacy increases.

You can also use the web-based email to send anonymous email to people. This can sometimes be necessary for your work. Your IP address is meant for your personal use and nobody has the right to misuse this without your permission.

Reasons why you should consider Internet phone technology for making cheap calls

July 9, 2017

The way we communicate with each other has undergone a radical change over the last 15 years. It was only a matter of time before someone had the bright idea of combining old and new technology to give people an alternative to the traditional telephone. In 1995, a small company called Vocaltec did exactly that. They realised that they could combine the still-new Internet technology with the old style telephone concept, basically creating an -Internet phone’ system that used the broadband connection instead of traditional landline technology, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) was born.

Today, Voice Over IP is opening up the world of telephony and high-speed telecommunications for everyone. It combines the concepts of the traditional method of making a telephone call with the speed of modern broadband Internet connections to offer customers all over the world a way of making cheap calls both at home and internationally. VoIP now crosses continents, enabling customers to make cheap phone calls all over the world without any loss of voice clarity (a problem that the early VoIP systems tended to suffer from) or the risk of the connection suddenly being -dropped’ in the middle of a conversation. Because Voice Over IP enables customers to make long distance calls but at the same rate as a local call, the savings can be considerable, particularly for businesses and those with family or friends overseas.

VoIP – A new business tool

Where VoIP is really coming into its own is in the business community. No longer restricted to purely large business users, It is particularly useful for small and medium size companies that may have satellite offices in other parts of the world or who regularly deal with clients overseas. For even the smallest business users, the fact that their international calls can be made at the same rate as a local call can save a huge amount of money annually in their communications bills.

It also shows that you mean business. Not only does an Internet phone system save you money, but it also portrays your company in a favourable light as well. It shows that you are embracing the very latest technology and are serious about communicating with your customers on a professional level. The Internet has removed the concept of -borders’ as far as trade is concerned, and VoIP does the same with telephony. With an improvement in the technology comes a much easier way of incorporating VoIP into daily life. The system can now be linked to a standard telephone handset, making using VoIP to make cheap calls literally as easy as picking up the phone.

With the VoIP network spreading as fast as broadband can carry it, Internet phone systems are the most cost effective, business-like and easy way to connect with your customers, family and colleagues around the world – as easily as making a local call. And with the advent of fibre optics making broadband speeds even faster, VoIP’s future is looking distinctly rosy.

Costas Kariolis – Online Marketing Manager of Vonage UK. Vonage are leading VoIP (Voice over IP)providers for home & small business users. Offering cheap calls to landlines and mobiles via an internet phone service for a set monthly fee.

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