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Benefits Of An Android Tablet

November 26, 2018

With the advent in the technology for tablet PCs, the innovation has led the all-new Android operating system to be pre-installed and released soon on tablet PCs as well. Further discussion on the benefits of having this operating system on your tablet PCs are listed below.

1.Android will work as an open source: This will enable the end-user of these products to customize software, applications and other gadgets as per their requirements, provided you download software, applications and gadgets that are compatible to Android OS and versions.

2.Inexpensive: These tablets are not expensive as you are not going to sell the product with pre-installed software and gadgets, and will be not selling the product with software encryption.

3.Highlight able Specifications: There is room to provide this table with a storage capacity of 8 GB initially, which is expandable to 32 GB. Other important specifications are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and 3G options are available. Some makes carrying Android OS are also know to have one or two cameras with LED Flash for video calling and for taking pictures of 320p video resolution.

4.Android Tablets are Dockable: The presence of USB ports and micro SD card docks enables sharing files, images and folders much easier than thought. In addition, the docking feature will allow you to easily synchronize with other PCs, laptops and tablets.

5.Android tablets have more functions and capabilities: The tablets with Android operating system are mostly made with resistive type of touch screen that enables typing using an onscreen touchpad and separates this functionality with the use of stylus that probably will be carrying the ability to recognize handwriting in one or the other tablet PCs.

6.Versatility for a tablet: The tablets running on Android operating system and owing to the recent up gradations, you will find this system helping students to complete their assignments and keep track of them, while this looks like a bigger version of BlackBerry, which is made for business professionals.

Is Android Better Than Iphone

November 3, 2018

Is Android much better than iPhone, the latest debate among customers. We also shall possess a take a look at 10 issues Android does much better than iPhone and argue which platform is better.

After its introduction within the customer market, Apple iPhone has taken the world by storm. An additional strong contender in the area of smartphones was quickly launched, that goes from the name Android. The one telephone that may match as much as the functions of iPhone, is probably the 1 that uses an Android platform. There are many loyalists who nonetheless discover iPhone hundred times better than an Android. Yet, those who use Android (including me) find it a tad better than iPhone. Android vs iPhone, a brand new burning argument has begum around the world. In the event you also are questioning ‘is Android better than iPhone’ then welcome aboard. The following paragraphs will cover some reasons that will assist you to discover why is Android much better than iPhone.

Is Android Better than iPhone OS

Many people who go for Android do so because it’s a platform that is similar to iPhone, but comes totally free. This means, those who cannot manage an iPhone or do not wish to get in to the contract mess, favor buying an Android telephone. Many customers love trying out new apps and customize their phone appears. They may favor an Android as Beta products provides incredible outcomes on this platform. Because the time it has been introduced, Android has developed to offer much better functionality to the consumer. The Android market today, features of a large number of great programs that users can set up on their telephone. Aside from becoming cheaper than iPhone, there are many factors which have added fuel to the Android vs iPhone debate. Allow us possess a take a look at 10 things that Android does much better than iPhone.

Why is Android Better than iPhone OS

As we continue our debate on why is Android much better than iPhone, it is important to possess a look at the functions. You will find 10 issues that Android does better than iPhone. And these aren’t just things, but some include extremely essential functions that type the primary cause of buying a smartphone. Let us possess a look at the factors that will assist you to comprehend why is Android much better than iPhone OS.

1. Flexibility to Select Carrier
The very first cause that helps answer that is much better: iPhone or Android, is flexibility to choose your carrier. Those that want to buy an iPhone, need to obtain right into a contract with AT&T. Whether you like it or not, you have to survive on AT&T as your network carrier. The only way you can get freedom is either wait for 2 years to complete your agreement with AT&T (till then your version of iPhone will be outdated as new version might have got launched), jailbreak an iPhone or move to an additional part of the globe. With an Android, you have the freedom to select your carrier. You can change your mobile quantity or carrier anytime you please.

2. Removable Accessories
An iPhone comes with a sealed battery that might trigger a bit of inconvenience. Questioning how? Well, in case your battery begins to drain out also fast or has some problems, you’ll require to ship the entire telephone back to Apple for diagnosis and repair. This indicates, till you don’t get your iPhone back, you are cut out from the telecommunication world to some extent. In case of Androids, in the event you come across any battery problems all you require to do is purchase a brand new battery and send your old battery for repair. Thus, you still have your phone in hand and get the problem solved.

3. Expandable Memory
When you purchase an iPhone, you have the choice of 8GB, 16GB and 32 GB. However, you may think of buying a 8 GB model and then realize that 16 GB suited you the best. There is no external memory slot thus, you end up with a 8 GB model. In case of Android, there is an external micro SD slot provided along with the phone’s built-in memory. In the event you run out of space, you can quickly expand memory in your Android.

4. Multiple Programs
1 of the 10 issues Android does better than iPhone is allows multiple programs to run simultaneously. This is regardless of the fact whether these apps are downloaded from Android Marketplace or are system apps. The multi tasking feature in iPhone is really a bit difficult as it offers limited number of applications to run simultaneously. This means if you are an Android user you can listen to your favorite songs, receive notifications, check your mail, etc. all at once without closing any of the previous apps. Multitasking is still not very fluid when it arrives to iPhone as well as with the latest iPhone 4G.

5. Customizable Home Screen Widgets
1 of my personal favorite functions on my Android is the customizable home screen. Android allows you to keep all your apps accessible and on your fingertips. You can place small widgets and shortcuts to your favorite programs on the home screen. This reduces the time taken to locate a particular app within the folders. In case of iPhone, you need to first search for the application inside the folders, then launch the application to use it. All I require to do with my Android is use a single finger swipe and enjoy my application right from the home screen.

6. Notifications on a Platter
In the event you are an iPhone user, you will require to navigate through the programs and open them in order to obtain a glimpse of the newest notifications. For example, a Facebook user will have to open the application and take a take a look at the newest notifications. This is because iPhone lacks the feature of multitasking and requires one to navigate through the various apps. Android users are lucky. They get an icon for every notification received from Facebook, Twitter, email, even messages and missed calls. You can even view your notifications from a locked screen without having to unlock your telephone.

7. Integrate Your Virtual Life
If you are heavily involved with social networking sites or carry out most of your business transactions with the help of your email ids, then this is one feature that you’ll love. Integration of Google as well as social networking sites is one reason that answers why is Android better than iPhone. You can integrate your Gmail account, Facebook account, even Flickr on your telephone. Once you sync your account with your Android phone, you can view all your contacts along with their email addresses, profile images and telephone numbers in your contact folders. Thus, if you are searching for that extremely essential email address of a client, all you require to do, is go through your list of contacts and scroll down to the person you are searching for. In his personal information, discover his email address that you require. This feature is possible with an iPhone. The catch is you need to download a third party software to be able to do so. In the event you don’t have this iPhone application, you can’t integrate your online accounts with your telephone.

8. Money Saver
The first thing that will come to your mind about an iPhone is the price tag. iPhone 3G costs about $US99 and arrives with a 2 year agreement. If you update it to 3GS, then you pay a whooping $199. But, in the event you go for an Android, you can choose any carrier you want along with a plan that suits your pocket. And most of the carriers are free from the 2 year contract.

9. Open Source
Which is much better Android or iPhone in terms of system? No doubt iPhone is no much less than Android, but Android is an open source system. This indicates developers can access Android source and upload more applications. Thus, numerous telephone companies can customize their Android system according to their preferences. When it comes down to iPhone, open source community is really a far fetched dream. You can read information on Android app reviews for a better idea.

10. Market
And finally, another reason why Android is better than iPhone is really a better application market. There are over 70, 000 applications available within the Android Marketplace. The Android market is customer oriented and therefore the best apps win the race. Whereas, Apple tends to filter the best apps and then serve them to consumers. Censor factor is more stringent with Apple, that makes the possibilities limited. You can find more information related to Android marketplace vs App store.

As you can see from the above argument on, is Android much better than iPhone, there are lots of consumer friendly functions that make the former much better than the later OS. If you are questioning, is iPhone better than Android, then I can come up with a list that will show you what makes iPhone a much better contender. Nevertheless, I shall cover pointers on – is iPhone much better than Android some other time. I am an Android consumer myself and have loved this user friendly platform. Without being biased, I have to say, iPhone too has many USPs that make it worth every buck. In the event you are questioning which is much better – Android or iPhone, then you most likely should comprehend your needs and budget first. Then decide for yourself and discover the pros and cons for Android vs iPhone. Whichever you select, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

IPhone 4 deals Vs Blackberry Torch 9800 contract- Amazing Contracts offered on O2

October 11, 2018

iPhone 4 deals: iPhone 4 is one of the smart offering by Apple. The gadget is really stunning in looks and available in two storage options 16 GB and 32 GB. You can choose it as per your requirements. Apple iPhone4 offers you best contract deals on all the leading networks including Vodafone, virgin, orange, T-mobile and Three. T-mobile is offering one of the best Apple iPhone 4 contract deals for a 24 months period. In these deals, handset is offered to you at free of cost and you are also provided with unlimited texts and unlimited minutes on any network. 1 GB data allowance is also offered to you. In this deal, you have to make a monthly payment of 60.00. O2 is also offering the same plan. Vodafone and T-mobile are offering pay as you go deals without any contracts. Users are required to make a one time payment for the handset and after that they are free to choose the networks and plans.

Blackberry Torch 9800 contract: Blackberry is the second most sought smart phones available in UK market. The gadget is amazing in looks with smart functionality. Blackberry Torch 9800 contracts are best offered on all the leading networks of UK. O2 is offering the cheapest contract deal with a 24 month contract where users are required to make monthly payment of 35.00. Users are offered with 1000 free minutes and unlimited texts on any networks. With this users are also offered with a 1 GB data allowance. Orange is offering the same deals with free gift including 30.00 Instant Cash Back and FREE Logitech C200 Web cam. O2, Vodafone and T-mobile are offering Pay as you go deals at cheap rates. You can go for the latest contract deals through online shopping portals where you can compare these deals to select the best one.

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iPad Deals Gadget has become an easy reach to all

October 1, 2018

Apple iPad is considered as the mini computer which is efficient in performing many tasks. There are many deals attached with the iPad which has resulted in to the lower rate of gadget.


Apple Inc. produces everything with a lot of research and experiment. Everything which comes out from its kitty have got something unique in itself. The opulent iPad is one of such gadgets which have got many applications and various features which has given a new dimension to the gadget industry. Its more like a mini computer which has got 25 inches large and 9 inches wide screen which supports multi touch screen. There are many other features which has made this device a highly desirable one.

All the service providers are giving you some of the best deals which are simply superb in every aspect. The service providers which are there in the market are Vodafone, Orange, Virgin, O2, T mobile, Three. The Apple ipad dealswhich are there in the market are Contract deals, pay as you go and SIM free deals. These deals have resulted in to the cheaper rate of iPad. There are some clauses attached with Apple iPad Contract which prohibits you from availing services from other networks but pay as you go and SIM free phones deals do not consist of these clauses. Apple iPad contract consists of many tariff plans which make the gadget an easily affordable one. In one of the plans provided by three network you have to pay 7.5 per months. Its called microSim 1 GB contract for 1 month.

As an incentive you will be given 1 GB of data per month which you can surf on Internet. 7.50 is the monthly effective cost of the gadget. Like wise there are several other tariff plans which make you available iPad at much cheaper price. Vodafone is giving you the gadget at just 10 per month and the contract is valid for only 1 month. You will be given free 1 GB of data surfing as an incentive on this tariff plan. Various other networks are also in the fray to sell you the gadget at much cheaper rate. To know more about the Apple iPad Deals you can log on to our website.

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brand new cell phones via Cutting Edge technology

September 17, 2018

The brilliant 4 inch manhandle screen present in The Samsung Galaxy S is an as to the numerous constituents which without doubt has gone by how to trying to do care in numerous phones to The Samsung line-build up. it turns into clear Reasons Why it has now been competent how to accomplish this level as for accomplishment If you end users start how to keep an eye on a movie, for example. The hues and tones and contrast levels probably are like Never seen before and they have on given an entire brand new dimension To The phrase mobile phone screen. this terrific AMOLED show turn as astounding read and also HD movie watching and also playing HD games is one as for The very small amount splendid opportunities which avail about a warm or hot environment a result on making use of stuff like this tactic.

the phone will be having sole 16 GB of memory inside, which might never noise amazing as the HD movie looking to, but The another 32 GB as to memory that is capable as to will be included into The Samsung Galaxy S turn it conceivably possible. the headphone has now memory card slots being being able how to do this. while the telephone has most the usual connections options like this 3G and also Wi-Fi, the crown into The jewel is The DLNA wireless connectivity choice. this is a connections answer which is seen to hi-fi audio solutions out of major manufacturers liking Bose and extremely at. even Although The headphone excels to a number as to segments, this is apparant To be substantially let down using The Android 2.1 which is being used to things like this telephone. The cell phones packs in critical processing energize as well as it is eye opening which Samsung has decided To proceed using the Android 2.1. There could be also no updates available To The most up to date version. The cell phones went be managing going on 1 GHz processor which is quite adept by operating stuff like this Android 2.1, as this seems like Cat nourishment.

liking Many as to the most recent wise phones which in most cases are will be launched every day, the Samsung Galaxy S comes via 100% social network integration a warm or hot environment requirement. a great deal, you need never conclusion up wasting Your time Searching being Applications which let you join how to Facebook and Twitter. all such Applications probably are to-finished and also buyers main need to login how to access Ones New profile. Samsung has now proclaimed which this went be launching a new version as to the Samsung Galaxy S using a small amount weeks. extremely, you may obtain things like this phone using many as to deals later as benchmark.

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Apple Iphone Is The Device That Sparked The Touchscreen Revolution

August 30, 2018

For all those who are in love with the touch screen phones of today, they will be aware of the fact that the Apple iPhone has to be the genesis of the screen phones of today. The introduction of the touch screen phones happened only in 2007, when the Apple iPhone was launched. The Apple iPhone was most definitely one of the best smartphones not only of its time, but even now. It created a new era into the mobile phone industry, which is still keeping the smartphone lovers still interested. The touchscreen department is just one of the departments that the Apple iPhone excelled. Other area where the Apple iPhone was truly excellent was in the design and functionality.

The iPhone was definitely not the first touchscreen phone, but it was the touch screen phone that started the era of the capacitive technology in the touchscreen. This is a technology that facilitated in support for multi-touch, which is something that took the world by storm instantly. Due to the ease of use that was brought forward by the capacitive technology, people took instantly towards the Apple iPhone. It has been the case ever since. Design wise, the Apple iPhone has pretty much remained unchanged over the years mainly because of the fact that it was extremely good-looking initially. So, Apple has had no reason to change the design that has been so successful. Initially, the Apple iPhone came with three different memory options that are totally different from the options that are currently available in the Apple iPhone 4.

They were available in the 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB memory options. Even though they might be not great in the current situation, they were certainly far ahead of its time back in 2007. The Apple iPhone initially came with a 412 MHz processor, which was aptly supported by the use of a dedicated graphics card. It was a processor that was extremely fast and in turn, it proved to be the fastest mobile phone of all time. It ran the Apple iPhone OS, which pretty much redefined the term of a stable operating system. This was coming at a time when most of the operating systems that are popular namely, Symbian and so on, were facing a lot of issues when it comes to the stability. The Apple iPhone provided a stable platform for those who wanted entertainment, but also offered some business features as well.

It proved to be the massive turning point in the smartphone industry, which suddenly to towards the Apple iPhone OS. The Apple iPhone initially did not come with a secondary camera. It was only in the Apple iPhone 3GS version that the secondary camera was introduced. The original Apple iPhone has only a two megapixel camera that can make images at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The Apple iPhone has been on sale for relatively the same price all these years and it is definitely one of the best phones of all time.

Samsung Amoled 12m A Super Smartphone

June 14, 2018

Those days are gone when phones were considered as simple tool of communication. Phones are getting more advanced day by day. Samsung has so smartly noticed the desire and demand of the people and presented their wonderful Samsung AMOLED 12M. Presently, Samsung AMOLED 12M is the only phone which is blessed with awesome 12 mega pixels camera. This camera is the remarkable feature of this handset.

If AMOLED 12M is in hand then one is no more required to carry any digital camera for photography purpose. Through 3x optical zoom, one can come more closer or farther to the subject. As the name suggests, whopping 3.3″ AMOLED touch screen is another wonderful feature of the same gadget. It would be great experience to see images, videos or wallpapers over the large 3.3″ AMOLED touch screen. TouchWiz v2.0 UI, accelerometer sensor for the function of auto-rotating, proximity sensor for auto turn-of are some features coming with it.

Most of the advanced features of this cameraphone is related to its camera. Two LED and Xenon flashes come boasted with it to support image capturing in improper lighting conditions. Different polyphonic, MP3 and WAV ringtones are available with the above said phone to personalize the handset. Moreover, through Internet, one can download more ringtones as well as wallpapers.

This is the fact that AMOLED 12M is a latest cameraphone. But it doesn’t mean that it lacks other features. The internal memory comes with 4 GB storage capacity plus users are allowed to expand the external storage capacity. With the use of microSD card, the storage capacity can be expanded upto 32 GB. The connectivity feature of this gadget is well supported by Class 12 GPRS and Class 12 EDGE technology. This smartphone runs with 3G services, so one can actively participate in video calling. The browsers, WAP 2.0/xHTML and HTML browser are there to surf with the World Wide Web.

The multimedia messaging feature is outstanding of AMOLED 12M. Users can select any of the messaging options among SMS, MMS, Email, IM and Push Email. All these messaging features are great in their own way. This phone can also be called as next generation cameraphone. For music freaks, MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV player options are there to get entertained anytime and anywhere. This modern phone can meet different phone needs of user apart from photo capturing and calling. The feature of voice memo is also blessed with this smart gizmo. Voice memo is an interesting phone application which allows one to develop calls without actual dialing of phone numbers. To make daily routine easier and simple, there is organizer feature for the audience.

The feature of AMOLED 12M doesn’t stops here. This handset is perfect fro game lovers also. Good collection of embedded games are there to entertain the game loving people. If someone wants to try some other games, then he/she can download more games via Internet. This phone is capable to meet the needs and desire of every age group people. The looks, feature and performance all are perfect of this device. Soon, this handset will rule the entire world of cameraphones. So, here it can be concluded by saying that Samsung AMOLED 12M is worth for those people who are planning to own a latest cameraphone for them.

What Gift Can You Give Your Special One On Her Birthday

May 19, 2018

Are you a gadget freak? Do you love your laptop more than your girlfriend or cant you live without surfing e mails and chatting with friends on a social networking site suing your mobile phone? If the answer of all these questions is affirmative then you can be simply categorized as a gadget freak.

And it is for all these gadget freaks that I am writing this article.

If you love collecting gadgets out of the love for them and use the gifts of the latest technological breakthroughs, then I must tell you that if you do not have the ultimate three gadgets near your hand for use, then you can simply be categorized as a gadget freak who has lost his chance of collecting the best gadgets available in the past 10 years.

According to several tech magazines and reviews, the top three gadgets available between 2000 and 2010 are listed below. They are as follows.

First in the list comes the apple i pad and it is for sure that the first place got to be given to this wonderful baby who has successfully created the craze for apple laptops around the world. The price of this laptop revolves around $499 to $599 and it is a must collect gadget for any person who loves gadget and cant live without them. The laptop is available in several attractive colors and is attractive because of its slim looks and its portable design. The innovative design of this laptop is not only the single great feature installed in this dream gadget but it is also equipped with several other features which include super fast performance, voice recognizer, finger print scanner etc which would drive any person crazy and make him or her fall in love with this little piece of spectacular gadget.

Next is the list is the X BOX 360 from Microsoft. Being the successor of the original X BOX, this gaming console has perhaps worked out miracles with the users of the other consoles and has successfully made them shift from popular consoles like Nintendo and Sony play station to the X BOX. Having improved graphic accelerators and several other added features like wire less remotes, online game play options, and a 20 GB extendable memory, this console has offered more than what the gamers had desired from Microsoft.

The last but not the least, comes the 3D television from Samsung which is priced somewhere around $4000 to $5000 and is a must buy for any person who is involved in collecting gadgets.

History Of Iphone

May 12, 2018

Apple marketed this Smartphone in an effective way and after four successful ad campaigns, in June Apple released a YouTube advertisement. In this ad all the features including the clear touch-screen are highlighted.

And first iPhone was introduced in January, 2207. Soon after the release of iPhone, Mr. Jobs publicized that all full-time and qualified part-time employees would get a free iPhone which created a buzz around the public. The first model of iPhone were sold at $499.00 for 4GB and for an 8GB phone, it is priced as $599.00. As per the sales report published by AT&T, about 140,000 iPhones were sold in first 7 days.

Soon after their introduction, the 4GB iPhone was gave up its popularity and buyers of 8GB phone demanded a rebate, this happened when the cost of the iPhone were cut down by $200.00. And due to this reason, jobs gave a $100.00 store credit to all customers who purchased iPhone for $599.00.
And in November, apple launched its iPhone in various place, such as United Kingdom and Germany. In the initial stage, the iPhone sold were operated in an contract with AT&T, which resulted in several law suits. Then soon unlocked iPhones are available in various places of the world, such as Greece, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Spain, Canada, Croatia, and other countries.

After so many up and downs, apple introduce a new iPhone model in 2008 and it is named as 3G phone. This model is a perfectly designed model with all attractive features. And in 2009, Apple again launched a new model, the iPhone 3GS.
Now the previous iPhone model that is iPhone 3G was available with 8GB and the price of this model is just $99.00 and 16 GB phone is for $199.00 and the 32 GB phone is for $299.00. Now the whole world is awaiting for the new release of iPhone 4G.

You can get a cheap iPhone that this that will be a used iPhone; but youll not have to compromise with the quality of iPhone used.

Android Review Suggests That There Is Heavy Rain Coming

April 4, 2018

If you are still looking for the latest Android app news on the internet, then wake up, guys! The market is going to rain with Googles latest creation, suggests the latest Android review. The Android smartphones are classically old and giving way to the Google Android Tablet. Watch this space for more of the Android Pad reviews.

Turn on your internet and the first news you will find that is being mostly searched is about the latest Android app news. Android the latest magic word for the digital market is a platform for most operating systems in the multimedia handsets section. So, it is no surprise that Android review will be one of the most coveted reviews all over the world.

So, here it goes. After its rocking performance in the smartphone market, Google Android has decided to the next big leap. Take cover, Tablet makers! The market is expected to face heavy raining with Googles brand new creation the Google Android Tablet. Hang on! Dont only go by its brand name. Google has worked pretty hard in packing this baby with tons of useful apps and features. Let the Android review tell you how this Tablet works.

First in the list of the Android Pad reviews, is the most advantageous and the most obvious point: this Pad uses Android as its Operating system. Being an open source operating system, any of its applications can be modified and configured, according to the compatibility of the device. Making the OS open-source also means that the millions of user-friendly Android apps available in the market can be downloaded for free in the new Android Tablet.

Secondly, the user-friendly Android interface is coupled into a very handy hardware gadgetry. The sleek model of the Tablet makes it portable and flexible to use. Then it has the normal features like the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity of the latest versions along with it. Connectivity options in the likes of 3G compatibility and world-wide GPS are also available. Before you get disappointed by the 8 GB internal memory, move your eyes to that section of the Android review where it reads: 32 GB expandable. To add to your memory capacity frenzy, Android has this new Tablet packed up with in-built USB ports combined with SD and Micro SD memory card slots. This allows rapid data transfers between your home PC and the Tablet.

There was always a gap between a laptop and the smartphone. With the new Android Pad reviews you will be able to understand that this gap has been bridged. Not only for playing music and videos, the Google Android tablet has been filled with apps which have been promoted in the latest Android apps news. Starting from the business savvy applications to the apps for software geeks and for the multimedia freaks these Tablets are built to rule the market. And if your mind is bugging you that it is not enough, then there is always the option of having more with the Android OS in your Tablet. So, you keep on enjoying more with Android while the competitors rethink their strategies on the drawing board.