Save Money with Free CAD Software

These days, CAD software often offers an enormous amount of functionality albeit at an extremely high price tag which only large enterprises can usually afford. Upgrade subscriptions in addition to the cost of the CAD suite also make such solutions an expensive long-term commitment. While such solutions clearly have their place among the most demanding computer aided designers, the average user simply doesn’t need them. In other words, why spend so much money on a Swiss army knife when all you need is a screwdriver? nanoCAD is a solution to address the problem by providing a completely free and user-friendly solution for those who have more specific requirements when it comes to computer aided design. With many features and using the popular .NET framework, nanoCAD is the ultimate free CAD software out there.

Not only is nanoCAD completely free of charge, it also provides many features which are found in some of the most popular (and expensive) CAD programs on the market. nanoCAD provides fully functional 2D drafting tools as well as various modeling and editing functions which help you achieve professional results in less time. The user interface is standardized for the industry and provides a familiar set of commands and features which help to minimize the learning curve. If, for example, you have used AutoCAD before, you will find nanoCAD extremely straightforward straight out of the box and absolutely no training will be required at all. For easy collaboration, the DWG format is supported as is compliance with older data. There is also an open API for further development by way of a fully AutoCAD-compatible programming platform. You can make your own CAD applications and add-ons using this open-source solution.

The free CAD software provides a wide set of additional features as well, such as a comprehensive command set and a toolbox for editing and creating both 2D and 3D objects. There is a powerful Excel-style table editor and extended plotting capabilities.

Generally speaking, nanoCAD provides the same level of functionality as AutoCAD LT, with the fundamental difference being that it is offered completely for free and with an open API. nanoCAD also leaves a small footprint on your computer’s hardware resources requiring only 150 megabytes of installation space on your hard disk.

nanoCAD is suitable for a wide range of users of varying demands and requirements. For engineers and designers who deal with any kind of technical drawings, nanoCAD provides all of the features and power that the majority of users will ever need, without bogging them down with abundant extra features which are extremely rarely used. With unique, customizable and collaborative features, nanoCAD is ideal for enhancing efficiency and getting work done in less time and without spending any money. With free CAD software, designers will be able to enjoy the tools they need to get most of their daily work done more efficiently.

You can learn more about nanoCAD at the official product website at There is a brief and simple registration process and within minutes you can be using your free CAD software.

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