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Quick Graph (Free)

REVIEW Great Graphics with Quick Graph

I think its funny that the developer starts off their description of Quick Graph with Yet another graphic calculator! This app seems to be more than yet another anything. Maybe my very basic background in math makes me easy to please so keep that in mind.

Quick Graph works like a standard graphing calculator. It can be used to plot equations found in advanced math classes. What amazed me most was Quick Graphs ability to plot in 3D as well as 2D. For someone without a wide background in math, the 3D graphs were AMAZING to look at. Its even fun for a novice.

After making a graph, users can view up to 3 equations at a time, or evaluate the equation(s) at certain points. Users can also enter equations into a library to save them for future use.

The graphs are easy to navigate. They are zoomable, can be rotated and moved. They can even be shook to be reset or to clear the entry forms. Modes for viewing the graphs can also be changed with a tap. Entering equations requires some knowledge of what equations are graphable. So navigating the app may not be easy for all users.

Quick Graph is a clear step above the TI-85 of my math class days. Students will find this app to be straight forward and useful. Non-students who are willing to spend a little time figuring out how to enter in equations will find this app to be visually entertaining. An all-around winner.

-Melissa S.
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