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Heya guys, Im Ross. Ive been multiboxing for over a year now and have been looking for my perfect multiboxing software for quite some time. A little history about me: I previously multiboxed with a $5000 hardware setup, and while it was great, it didnt do things with the precision I needed. Im writing this review because Ive been very interested in this software for a while, and hadnt seen much else written about it. So in the interest of giving other multiboxers the low-down on it, I am writing this review.

This is my uncensored review of Pwnboxer. Ill be sharing both the good and the bad of the software, rather then like so many of the one sided reviews you see today. Below are just the opinions of a somewhat experienced multiboxer.

First of all, What precisely is Pwnboxer?
Pwnboxer is a multiboxing suite by former CEO of, Tim Sullivan.

The software itself is designed to be very simple and easy to use, while allowing you to control anywhere from 2 to 10 characters simultaneously in MMOs like World of Warcraft.

Built in are a ton of features, from mouse & keyboard broadcasting (makes casting aoes easy as hell!) to custom game settings to increase performance on older PCs. One of the newest features in Pwnboxer 2.0 is dockable clickmapping which allows you to make an in-game grid with buttons that broadcast commands to all of your characters.

What makes Pwnboxer so great is the abilty to multibox a number of characters with ease, without having to learn complicated scripting or navigate an overly complex UI. Its easy to setup your characters and games, use clickmapping to send commands to all your characters with the click of a mouse, and manage healing, tanking, DPS and AOEs all at once.

My confession is that when I first heard about Pwnboxer I figured it wasnt any good. I believed the only way to really multibox was with a complex setup of 5 PCs and displays, networked together with KVM switches and a bunch of other hardware. I didnt think a single application could do what my old setup could.

I did a full 180 when I actually tried Pwnboxer for myself.

I discovered I could do more with a single application running 5 games on 1 PC then I could do with my $5000 setup.

With Pwnboxer you can easily manage a 5 man team and roll heroics, arenas, and battlegrounds handling your tanking, healing and dps with ease.

Heres how pwnboxer works:

When you first startup pwnboxer you setup your game windows and buttons for switching between game windows. You can literally switch from one window to the other in under a second. You setup each window with custom graphics settings and frame rate. With this you can run 5 copies of WoW simultaneously even on an older computer.

You setup your keyboard & mouse broadcasting for all of your windows. This way you can have separate macros or abilities on each of your characters and handle tanking while your other characters DPS. With mouse broadcasting its extremely simple to heal your team while you tank and cast AOEs.

Pwnboxer only duplicates your keystrokes or button presses to multiple windows so there is no automation going on. That means that pwnboxer is 100% within the EULA of most MMOs like World of Warcraft. Its so easy to use that youll own people that are using bots or scripts to manage multiple characters in PVP while they risk the chance of being banned.
The Bad:

* Pwnboxer is simpler then some of the multiboxing programs out there. That means there are fewer configuration options in pwboxer, though whats available is perfect for 99% of multiboxers. If you need access to command lines or code then this software isnt for you.
* Pwnboxer isnt free, and has a yearly fee for updates. The good news is that its nothing compared to the cost of building a hardware setup for multiboxing.

The Good:

* Pwnboxer is extremely simple and intuitive to use. You wont have any trouble using it if you take 5 minutes setting it up to go through the different options.
* It has all the features of the other multiboxing applications out there, and then some, like its dockable clickmaps.
* This is all you need for multiboxing. Dont worry about having to buy anything else to manage your team effectively, this software does it all.
* A great community for guides and support. If youre new to multiboxing dont worry. Pwnboxer has an incredible forum and community to help you out starting your first team

In Summary:

This draws to a close my Pwnboxer review. Overall, this is one of the most complete and well made multiboxing programs that Ive seen

If you can imagine yourself rolling through quests, dungeons, pvp, or arenas on a single computer, playing a number of characters with ease, you should check this out. It definitely blew away my (previously low) expectations.

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