Private Label VoIP Offers Branded VoIP Reseller Services and Products

In providing unified communication solutions, the private label VoIP reseller programs help the ISP, ASP, reseller and other non-traditional telecom providers to establish their own brands in the market. It is an attempt by the providers to deliver products or services with a system of brand building thrown in for good measure. Through this, the resellers or providers can offer reliable, high-quality as well as high-speed IP telephony solutions to the end-users, under their own labels. Therefore, with the ‘best’ services and products, the private label resellers have an opportunity to increase their customer retention rate. Apart from this, the resellers with a wide customer base can create an additional revenue stream as well as accelerate new customer skills to enhance their competitive positioning in specific domains.

To serve the customers worldwide, the private label VoIP resellers have to set up a special system namely- Power Platform. An added benefit of handling telephony needs with this software is that it eliminates the capital expenses to a significant extent. As a result, it leads to a reduction of costs because there is no need of costly technology and design team to maintain the efficiency in the services delivered. The resellers can save quite a lot on Power Platform system, which help them to steer their budgets to other important concerns such as product development or advertising. Unlike the white label VoIP programs, the private label VoIP delivers the opportunity to choose a full range of VoIP services such as business dial-access, private leased lines, high capacity connectivity and other value-added applications. These benefits make private label services all the more lucrative among different categories of users.

In addition to the VoIP services, the private label reseller programs include a suite of features to support a “unified” communication. As a matter of fact, this type of VoIP reseller programs provide features such as voice mails, call waiting, call conferencing, call forwarding and inbound caller ID, which are very much in demand in the residential market. With the advanced features such as voicemail, emails, conference calls and other multilingual operations, these services can serve the needs of large corporates as well.

The end-users or customers can avail the services of the providers of private label VoIP service without having detailed technical know-how. As a matter of fact, the end-users just need to install a software and avail high-speed Internet connections, as hardware equipment are offered by the providers. Once all these are in place, the users can enjoy low cost calling at local and international regions.

To conclude, it can be said that this domain is well suited for the providers who possess effective marketing skills and a large customer base to deliver their services.

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