New bag technology is how to meet the requirements concerning special packaging

New bag technology is how to meet the requirements concerning special packaging

Unlimited special requirements relating to paper handling equipment, especially for plastic bags, this product has not merely require the use regarding more competitive film extrusion techniques, and additionally advanced polymer film properties can be improved.Now, even the bag making machine manufacturers also have to consider the bag-related technology, aesthetics, plus the commercial aspects concerning the problem. This article describes one Italian maker regarding innovative technology in this regard.

Shaped bag

On a worldwide scale, the most common bags are rectangular polyethylene plus polypropylene bags, a huge number concerning such bags for paper handling equipment a wide selection connected with goods, however, there exists a little-known but exceptionally interesting segment regarding the marketthat is shaped bag market.Profiled Bag Making Machine mainly in three aspects different from the conventional bag making machine: First connected with all, sealer absolutely different; Second, the the palletizing system must be compatible with the shape for the bag; Finally, the most irregular shape will producewaste, must remain separated from the bag on the production line.

Italy CIBRA company profiled bag making machine heat sealing head using unique production technology. Welding seams regarding the bag by mounted within the insulator, cutting the heating element in accordance with the design dimensions. Each sealer are hand-made ??in line with customer specifications.The recent growth of the plant, e.g. Glovestar, can be interchanged heat sealing head, therefore can produce a variety associated with different shapes associated with the bag.

Bag in the opposite sex, the preferred cone bags for Feeding Paper Handbag flowers potted plants.The tapered bags play a role in the protection for flowers, beautifully printed decoration on the bag can enhance the item attractive coupled with easier to transport flowers and plants. These items are commonly sold in large supermarkets.Typically, flowers coupled with potted plants are automated packaging, pre-cut hem hanging hole bag neatly stacked.Named FlowerTOP bag production line to meet all these requirements.It can use any sort of film: PE, PLA, BOPP, CPP. It uses two separate winding roller to obtain special effects such as sense concerning metal film or a transparent film.The straightness of the heat-sealing rod is placed in a side sealing mechanism, the bag can be produced in height between the 15-110cm. The heat-sealing rod may be adjusted to any angle.

Bag in accordance with the required number for palletizing and additionally provides multiple processing options: breathing hole; 1-3 at the top associated with the entire stack bags hot punching; Bottom heat sealing (disk planted plants need to display on the shelf for a few days,will be used when you need to add water coupled with maintenance coupled with not a dirty place); banana shaped punching, forming easy to carry handle; pre-incision and then the edge regarding the bag, easy to tear the bag to remove exquisite flowers, such as orchids, notAs for the flowers damage.The average speed related with the bag machine 70 working stroke per minute, each trip to produce two bags, the output per hour is 8000 bags.

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