Mobile Wifi + Ipod Touch = Iphone

When my friends ask me, whats the difference between iPhone and iPod Touch? I always told them, just the calling feature, and the rest are almost the same. Actually there is another important feature between iTouch and iPhone 3G connection. IPhone can use a 3G SIM card to connect internet almost anywhere, but iTouch can only use wifi connection. So here we would like to discuss how to turn iPod Touch into a 3G device with a Mobile WiFi Hostpot.

Mobile WiFi + iPod Touch almost equal to iPhone

The mobile wifi hotspot is a sort of wireless mini router (3G router) that can convert 3G to WiFi signal, it also works with a SIM card and battery powered. So, if you take a mobile wifi hotspot on the go, you will be able to get connected with internet anywhere.

Some may say that I have an iPhone which also contains the personal hotspot feature. I can use it for my iPod Touch. Its true that iPhone with 4.3 iOS can provides mobile wifi hotspot. But compare with the professional 3G router it has two major weaknesses.

The main difference between iPhone personal hotspot and 3G router:

Data transfer speed: The professional 3G router bands like Huawei, ZTE, Sierra 3G Router contain many series which support different speed like 3.6 Mbps, 7.2 Mbps and 21 Mbps, but as we tested, the MacBook Pro on iPhone4 hotspot is only 1.1Mbps.

iPhones personal hotspot will only support 3 connections over Wi-Fi, the ZTE MF60 3G Router supports 8 users with 21 Mbps high speed.

Mobile WiFi + iPod Touch => iPhone ( Facetime on the go )

Actually if you have a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in your pocket (100 200 USD), it is going to be cheaper than an iPhone contract pretty much anywhere, and can not only enable your iPod Touch to have an always on connection, but let you make Skype calls and stream music without having to worry about the usual iPhone size limits, as youre on Wi-Fi. You can also share the connection with 8 machines in total, including the WiFi only Facetime video calls.

No setup

There is no need to setup for the ZTE MF60 3G Router, just insert the SIM card and power on, then you will find the WiFi Identity on your iPod Touch WiFi network list.

Note: You can find the WiFi SSID (WiFi Service Set Identifier) and default password inside the back of the 3G Router.

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