Lcd Touch Screen Digitizer Home Button Iphone 3g Save Your Money

LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Home Button Iphone 3G Save your Money

My best friend called me with good news that she decided to marry on November this year. Then I put my Touch Screen Digitizer For iPhone 3G on the sofa smoothly. I did not notice my baby was playing here. She took a phone want to call her father too, and then she threw it to the floor after no answer from her Daddy. Unfortunately, “bang”, I hear the crystal glass was cracked. Oh, my God, this phone is not her toy, but my Iphone 3GS, suddenly, I realized, but it is too late to stop. The whole LCD Touch screen has been cracked.

I am angry at her naughty action, because I just bought a new iphone 3GS for only two weeks. Now the LCD touch screen is broken by my baby. She is so young that she do not know what happened. After all she is only two years old, oppositely, she feels funny, laughed sweetly and asked “Mom, where is Daddy”. I found my baby always make me both funny and annoying. Now I have a trouble, I have to buy a new Iphone 3GS? No, it is too expensive to buy two pcs iphone 3GS in one month. Or, I stop using the phone, but it is too inconveniences, forget it. Maybe I can try to buy another cheap phone to save money. But, Ipone is my loved phone, so I also can not give it up. Maybe I can have a try to repair it in the iphone after-sales services center, but it also needs hundreds of dollars. My little baby invites me to play with her. We played the toy bricks. She took one or two piece at the bottom or the middle of model or overthrow it completely. Suddenly, why not try to replacement the LCD Display or touch screen digitizer of my iphone 3GS to save money? I just need to buy a replacement of LCD touch display from seller, and then I can try to install it by myself. Then I can use my iphone 3GS and also can save money at the same time. It is a good idea. I try to search the LCD screen on Google and found there are so many items on replacement of LCD touch screen digitizer for Iphone 3Gs, and I compared several sellers, and finally I choose, which sounds professional and cheap, only about 28USD to buy a replacement LCD & Digitizer Home Button display for Iphone 3GS.

Then I asked their customer services about the guaranty. Wow, they provide lifetime warranty. No matter how long I used, if it is not working, I can get refund or an new good replacement from them. Also, the delivery time is quickly, just 11 days, I get my replacement LCD touch screen for my love Iphone 3GS, so now I own a new Iphone 3G again. Then I can enjoy my easy life again. Thanks a lot,, I like you. I will support you in the future and I will recommend you to my friends. You are No.1.