Is Subliminal Affirmation Software A Waste Of Time

Subliminal affirmation software are what we refer to as computer programs that create either a visual or audio representation of your affirmations. In the case of affirmations using visual subliminal you have a program similar to a screen saver that displays the positive affirmations on your screen for a very short moment. All of this happens so quickly that you don’t realize that a subliminal message was displayed; all at the same time your unconscious captures the message and registers it along with thousands, if not millions, of other information it is processing.

In the case of sound files, or subliminal affirmations mp3s as they are also known, the software transforms the audible affirmations so that you can no longer consciously hear them, yet your unconscious mind picks up the messages and stores them.

Subliminal affirmation software are great tools that technology brings us for easy and effective personal change. Using this specialized software, you can take positive affirmations and digest them through subliminal technology, delivered to you either visually or in audio. The best part is that while you can use your conscious mind to choose to create the positive affirmations, you leave it to the software to deliver the messages to your unconscious.

Your unconscious mind is constantly processing everything that comes to its attention. All information is stored; according to some scientists, on a permanent basis. You can use subliminal affirmation software to create a steady flow of desired statements straight into your unconscious mind’s attention. As the affirmations are repeated, your unconscious considers these as reality. This is the way our unconscious works; if the information keeps coming in and is the same, then it assumes it to be true.

You should be careful when you choose your positive affirmations. Let’s be clear here: We’re stepping under our conscious mind’s radar and planting seeds in our unawareness zone. Whatever you put there will be considered to be true. So don’t start a self talk with yourself saying things that are untrue to who you really are. Your conscious mind will detect it as a core value violation and will ignore it. You won’t benefit from your investment if you’re not careful.

Make sure you are true to yourself when you start making your own subliminal affirmations. Your subliminal affirmation software needs to have the flexibility to choose your own personal affirmations. You also have to look at features for instance update frequency for visual affirmations or different choices to encode audio, if you are utilizing the computer program to generate subliminal affirmation mp3s.