IP Telephony Is A Cost Effective And Secure Technology

IP telephony is a funny name for a very practical and cost efficient technology that allows you to make calls with a digital cordless telephone using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular phone line. Also known as voice over internet protocol or VoIP services, it is becoming more and more attractive to companies looking to lower costs, enhance security, and streamline communication between facilities in a reliable manner, inevitably increasing worker productivity.

The primary reason for migrating to VoIP is cost. Savings vary from firm to firm, but the industry reports an average savings of 40%. With the availability of data and voice bundles from a single provider, IP telephony gives businesses the tools they need to easily track expenses.

Pre-set pricing for VoIP services, with the exception of international calls, is a huge cost savings for businesses. Extra fees for international calls are at a considerably discounted rate compared with time worn telephone service providers. Simple and effortless billing means more time on worker productivity and less time wondering if your phone company has overcharged you.

Unlike traditional phone services with serious security vulnerabilities, multi-level security features such as firewalls, authentication and encryption are in place with VoIP to prevent attacks. These many layers of protection placed within the provider’s networks minimize your businesses susceptibility.

The layered security approach not only prevents attacks, but in the event of a security breach, it reduces the probability that the attack succeeds. Peace of mind can never be underrated.

VoIP offers a simple 3 digit transfer to any supported property or office. It does not matter if one office is in Missoula and the other office is in New York, the call is transferred as if they were in the same building.

It also allows businesses the ability to consolidate call answering from a central location, thus eliminating the liability of every office to manage their incoming calls with centralized call answering. Call centers are taking advantage of the opportunity to hire employees world wide. Employees may work in different time zones, giving greater customer service benefits year round.

Companies are looking for innovative ideas to cut costs and streamline services. IP telephony gives them the price, security and convenience to grow their business without a lot of hassle and a whole lot less complication.

The name may be funny, but VoIP services offer a serious alternative to traditional telephone services. The bottom line is, VoIP can save your enterprise cash without much effort. That is a very good thing.

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