Into the World of Luxe Smartphones

Who said that phones can’t be a luxury? The generation of smartphones has arrived, and many companies have tried to win the hearts of smartphone lovers through various marketing strategies. Throughout the years, the expansion of the capabilities of smartphones has been the major contributor to their growing demand. To top these features off, mobile phone manufacturers have given this everyday gadget oh so luxurious trimmings to make them unique and desirable for the discriminating elite.

With a six-digit price, Dior and Ulysse Nardin Champion have revolutionized the simple smartphone into a status that is worth diamonds. With Dior Reveries Haute Couture and Ulysse Nardin Chairman diamond edition, smartphones are as good and as expensive as a box of jewelry. Not only do they have the latest Android platforms, but they are also bedazzled with precious stones, like diamonds, pearls, and other gems.

If you are so fond of Apple iPhone and you don’t want to settle for any other smartphone brand, you can have the Gresso Lady Blanche iPhone 4 or Goldstatus gold iPhone 5s. These are limited iPhone editions that were handmade and specially modified for you. The former is made up of diamonds with three Swiss watches at the back, featuring the time of three different cities in three different countries, namely Moscow, Paris, and New York. The latter is covered with pure gold. An ounce of gold in the stock market today is $1370, and if that is placed in an iPhone, how much do you think would it be? Goldgenie Suvarna Bullion comes at $29,500. If an Apple iPhone is worth $500, that is almost $29,000 worth of pure gold, which is equivalent to 20 ounces of this metal!

Apple iPhone is simply the crowds favourite. This company has released several products that made the world crazy, including Apple computers, laptops, which include Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, Apple iPad, iPod and Apple iPhone. Over the past years, when phones were only for calling and sending messages, Apple has stood out to revolutionize what a cellphone can do. With the consecutive successful releases of various iPhone models, Apple has really stepped up their game a thousand times higher.

In late 2013, Apple released its latest iPhone and iPad models- iPhone 5s and iPad 5, respectively. Though a lot of controversies met its release, Apple has definitely stood its ground amidst heavy competition.

Apple iPhone 5s is said to be the best iPhone yet, and that is evident in this phones newest features. If there’s something that you have to look for in a smartphone, it has to be the speed. With so many things that you can do with a smartphone, too many applications running and internet browsing, streaming and downloading, speed can definitely be compromised. With an A7 chip, you can do everything with iPhone 5s ultrafast. You don’t only see this feature in iPhone 5s because it is also present in iPad 4.

It has been rumoured that Apple is going to release a phablet, a phone and tablet in one, which is similar to Samsung’s Note series. The truth about this Apple news is yet to be revealed, and all people can do for now is to wait for it.

Apple has really made the hearts of their loyal fans swoon over Apple gadgets- iPhone 5s and iPad 5 with retina display and perfect iSight, and Apple computers now even better with Apple OSX. With great features and functionalities, you can never go wrong with Apple whether you choose to invest in a luxury iPhone or this tech giants stocks.

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