How To Tell If Your Computer Is Part Of A Botnet

One thing that many average Windows users don’t realize is that there computer could be part of a botnet. What this means is that their computer has a program on it that is harvesting data off their machine and sending it to a location where all this data is stored. Many people write these programs which are much like viruses and spyware to get your personal information off your machine like passwords and logins to steal your accounts and even worse your identity. There are some easy steps to take to know if your computer is part of a botnet.

If you run regular virus and spyware scans, this should take care of much of the problem but some botnets are creative enough that they can avoid detection. You can detect them yourself by hitting Control + Alt + Delete and bring up the task manager. Hit the network tab on the task manager while your browser and email applications are closed. If you notice that your network is sending out and receiving information, you very well may have a botnet on your computer.

There are some steps that can be taken and should be taken immediately.

Update your virus and spyware software.

Turn off your internet connection just in case so more data is not released.

Run a full system scan in safe mode with your scanners to remove anything that may be there.

Once again turn on your connection and see if the network tab is still sending data.

More extreme options might be to reinstall the operating system which will erase everything on the computer getting rid of the botnet. Another option is to switch to Linux or Mac where botnet problems don’t exist quite as much.