How To Lock Folder In Iphone

Okay, so you have just bought your new stylish mobile phone the iPhone. Since now you have made a fairly considerable speculation in your newly acquired iPhone, you would definitely like to preserve its newness and above all you want to make it secure.

iPhone craze is the ever growing thing in the current age of gadgets and touch-screen smart phones. There are thousands of incredible, informative and fun iPhone applications are available and are being developed on the large scale, all across the globe. This has created another room for application developers and they are now earning a lot of money by just focusing on the iPhone and iPad applications. iPad is a large-screened and multi-featured notebook, which is an extension of iPhone. The main difference in these two devices is the size of products.

Anyways, almost every company is now spending time and effort on this mode of social media campaign which is influential as well as interest-grabbing. When you buy iPhone you must not get out of the shop unless you get the essential iPhone accessories that can protect and preserve the newness of your baby iPhone and can enhance its utility. But this is not just enough; you also need some app which is mandatory to protect the files and folders that you keep in your iPhone if youre serious about the security of your iPhone data.

These iPhone applications can easily be bought by placing order online through online shopping stores. They are available in multiple brands, so the price varies from company to company, depending on the reputation, product quality and brand recognition of that company. So one has to choose very sensibly which application he wants for his iPhone, and this becomes even more important when it comes to securing data in iPhone.

Protecting files and folders in iPhone was just like a dream before the release of Folder Lock for iPhone which is basically the iPhone version of the file locking and encryption software Folder Lock.

This app is specially designed to lock folder and file in your iPhone. Its graphical user interface is very attractive and catchy yet very user friendly. No find any difficulty using this app on my smart phone, in fact it has detailed instruction on how to use it when you tap help button.

The application can lock all types of files including Microsoft Word documents (doc and docx formats), Microsoft Excel files (xls and xlsx formats), web pages (html and htm formats), PowerPoint presentations (ppt and pptx formats), text and rich text files (txt and rtf formats) and all available formats of video, audio, and images.

First question that comes to your mind would be, from where I got this application? Answer is very obvious from iTunes App Store. Download it directly to my iPhone; and right after the installation process was over I set and confirm a password in it which is required to protect, unprotect or access the files and folders that save in it. Furthermore, the same password is required if I want o transfer something from my PC to my iPhone.

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