How To Fix directory Services Cannot Start Error In Windows

Are you unable to start domain controller in Microsoft Windows 2003 or Windows 2000? Do you encounter blank screen after starting the domain controller? This behavior is generally caused by damaged active directory database, NTFS file system permissions, or NTFS file system. In such circumstances, you can not start the domain controller and all your valuable data become inaccessible. In order to get your data recovered, you need to opt for Windows Data Recovery, if there is no backup in place.

For example, your computer’s screen might go blank and you encounter the below error message, when you start domain controller:

LSASS.EXE – System Error, security accounts manager initialization failed because of the following error: Directory Services cannot start. Error status 0xc00002e1.
Please click OK to shutdown this system and reboot into directory services restore mode, check the event log for more detailed information.

Furthermore, the following events occur in the Application Event Log of Microsoft Windows:

Event ID: 700
Description: ‘NTDS (260) Online defragmentation is beginning a pass on database NTDS.DIT’.

Event ID: 701
Description: NTDS (268) Online defragmentation has completed a full pass on database ‘C:WINNTNTDSntds.dit’.

Event ID: 1168
Description: Error: 1032 (fffffbf8) has occurred. (internal ID 4042b). Please contact Microsoft product support services for assistance.

Event ID: 1103
Description: “The windows directory services database could not be initialized and returned error 1032. Unrecoverable error, the directory can’t continue.”


The above problem occurs in below situations:

The NTFS permissions on root of hard drive are very restrictive.

The NTFS permissions on NTDS (NT Directory Service) folder are very restrictive.

Drive letter of hard drive volume, which contains Active Directory database, has modified.

The Ntds.dit (Active Directory Database) is damaged.

The NT Directory Service folder is compressed.


Try out the following methods to work around this problem:

Restore Directory Service using Directory Service Restore Mode option in BIOS.

Format your hard drive, reinstall operating system, and reconfigure the domain controller.

Although, formatting can sort out this problem, but also removes all the data from hard drive and need Windows Recovery to be fixed.

You can easily Recover Windows data with the help of powerful third-party applications, known as Windows Data Recovery Software. The applications are very easy to use and provide absolute recovery using high-end scanning algorithms. They preserve integrity of your valuable data with read-only and non-destructive conduct.

Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery is the most advanced and efficient application that provides assured recovery of all your lost data. The software recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file system partitions. It is designed for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

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