Gflash +flashcards & Test Iphone App Review

gFlash+Flashcards & Test (Free)

REVIEW- Flash of Genius with gFlash

In the seemingly small and simple looking gFlash Flashcards & Test, app users will find a powerful package. The premise behind this app is that users can upload their own information to turn into flashcards or download gWhiz flashcards.

The most difficult part of operating this app is getting over the instructions. The app features a 14 card set of flashcards explaining how to use the app. Basically, information can be taken off of any two column spreadsheet. Users should use the Google Documents spreadsheet as the app can directly access Google accounts. Spreadsheets should be no larger than 200 or 300 cells total (rows x columns).

Once information is uploaded to the app, it turns the data into flashcards. Users are shown one card and when they want to see the answer they simple tap the blank card on the bottom of the screen. Users then click a green arrow if they got the answer correct, or a red X if they got it wrong. The app will shuffle through incorrect answers until they are answered correctly. There are a few options for going through flash cards including viewing one card at a time and taking a quiz. Some flash card sets can be turned into multiple choice questions for added review.

The developer website offers a template for creating spreadsheets of information which makes the transfer into the app seamless. Images can also be included in flash cards, but a wireless connection is needed to access images as they are stored on the internet.

gFlash is powerful in the way that the information is completely customizable by the user. Instead of purchasing several flashcard apps that have limited information, users can upload everything they specifically want to review.

The screens of gFlash are easy to use as there arent any complex menus. The menu button on the main screen controls getting Google data, downloading from the gWhiz catalog and deleting card sets from the library. Once a flash card set is open, there is an option menu users can use to customize that flash card experience.

Overall, for the person looking to study or just brush up on trivia, this is one of the most impressive apps available.

– Melissa S.
2009, All rights reserved. AppShouter LLC