Garmin Asus A10

Key Features

* Camera resolution (megapixels): 5

* Geotagging:

* Excellent navigation capabilities

* 4GB internal memory

* multitouch

* great value for money

* included accessories

* Great GPS experience

* Multitasking

* Car-kit and windshield mount included

Our Review

The Garmin Asus A10 is a great phone to have for people who are on the move. The phone comes with the Android platform and features the exciting and useful Garmins GPS location technology. This is simply a phone that connects people and places. This stylish phone is a great asset wherever one is: whether inside or outside, static or mobile the A10 reminds one of its presence.

The phone features award winning navigation technology that not only lets the location be known but takes you through turn by turn voice guided navigation to the destination. Not only that, the A10 is packed with information of literally thousands and thousands of places which once again is a great asset on any mobile phone. Wherever you are just think that you can find the nearest ATM, the cheapest local petrol, when you leave your car the handset remembers where you parked it and will literally walk you back to where you parked. It truly is a remarkable device.

The A10 is a great friendly navigation tool and the camera geo-tags locations which one can share with friends. This is a kind of interactive kit which not only helps the user at the moment but could help other users too in the future.

So is it just a GPS then? No, far from it.

The Garmin Asus A10 is loaded with the Location aware content which links the navigation features to frequently used applications such as e-mail, internet browser, messaging and contacts. With the A10 one can stay connected and the apps from the Android include such features like weather forecasts, flight information, games, finance, business tools, and so many others.

Let us not get confused. We are not talking of any navigation kit but are instead discussing some of the advanced navigation features that a Smartphone such as the Garmin A10 has. This phone has a capacitive 3.2 inch touch screen (yes just like an iphone) doing away with the resistive one which comes in some other models. The handset has a 5 mega-pixel camera that allows one to shoot reasonably good pictures including geo-tagged pictures which then can be sent to friends who can navigate the site by clicking on to it. It has a good 4GB memory and can easily be expanded with the use of a Micro SD Card. The 1500 mAh battery allows good standby and talk times, and when using the supplied in-car mount and charger, your phone is constantly on charge when you are using your GPS features in the car. Yes that is right it comes with the self install car kit at no extra charge, you could pay over $1000 for a similar set up with other phones and not have the decent inbuilt hands-free, or the superb navigation. There is no need for a Bluetooth headset or hands-free as the device has a loud volume speaker and the microphone picks up voice well from short distances when the device is mounted in a suitable position.

So with all this is the handset big and bulky like a GPS? No, in fact it is slightly smaller than an iPhone 3Gs in height and width, and is slightly thicker. It is comfortable to hold in the hand and feels durable.

The operating system is easy to access, easy to use and set up is simple for all things like Gmail, for your synced push email from your personal email accounts, or even syncing your contacts and calendar through your Gmail account. Lets not forget all the tools available through Android Market, many are free. The system processes requests at a reasonably quick pace for changing or opening programs. With the inbuilt g-sensor the display will remain upright as the screen is rotated to allow you to change from portrait to landscape view.

If you are after a smartphone for your business or simply want an excellent phone with all the features you could think of, this is the device for you, and at under $500.00 including the in-car kit, is far better value than rivals like the HTC Desire at around $800 and the iPhone 4G at around $1000.

o 3G
o TmicroSD
o Android
o 5-megapixel
o Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh
o GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
o Flash/LED LED

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