Fpdtc.dll File Error

Microsoft Access database is most common back-end database used in organizations. Being a multi user application, Access database is highly prone to corruption and damage. In any case, a user in an organization tries to open MS Access and receives the following error message:

“Your Microsoft Access database or project contains a missing or broken reference to the file FPDTC.dll Version 1.0. To ensure your database or project works properly, you must fix this reference.

After the user encounters the above error message, Access database becomes inaccessible. The above error message means that the Access database has been corrupted. The database got inaccessible due to broken or missing references of FPDTC.dll file. FPDTC.dll is a data link library file that is used by a user while designing the database. Once this file is corrupted, Access database becomes inaccessible.

To resolve the above issue, the user can use the in-built utility of Microsoft Access named Compact and Repair. But this in-built utility is not capable of solving serious corruption issues and repairing large size Access database. So the question here arises is:

How can the user execute the Access database if the inbuilt utility fails to repair the database?

The answer to the above question is by using effective access repair software. Access repair applications provide complete Access Database Repair by using effective scanning methods.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd. provides the finest Access repair application. Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Software is the third party software above all Access recovery software. This Access recovery application employs advanced scanning algorithms to resolve all the Access database corruption issues. This Access recovery utility repair access database objects, such as, queries, tables, forms, views, macros and more. This repair software supports many versions of MS Access, such as, Access XP, 2007, 2003, 2002 and XP. This access recovery software also recovers the relations between all the tables.

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