Five Iphone Apps To Help You Keep A New Years Resolution

We all love this time of year. Not only do we get some time off work or school, but we get to spend it with the people we love the most. Its also a great time to reflect on the year and look towards the months ahead.

Traditionally the New Year is a time to start afresh. Upon reflection, youll no doubt have questioned some lifestyle choices or thought about your own goals in your career or life. For some its a time to contemplate making a New Years resolution, whilst others wont just think about it, theyll make a resolution and stick to it.

Whilst maintaining your resolution is harder than it looks, there are ways you can now manage and track your progress. This will help you keep motivated towards your new goal, and its all thanks to the new innovative iPhone apps which are taking the world by storm. Here are the top 5 apps to help you keep your New Years resolution this year.


One of the biggest promises that someone makes for the New Year is to give up smoking. Unfortunately its also the most common one in which people relapse and fall back into their old habits. With the Quit-It app, youll have a visual aid to help you cut down and eventually quit.

Youll be able to see exactly how many cigarettes youre smoking and subsequently how many packs youve had. This will then tell you how much you have spent and the amount of tar you have consumed. The great thing is that it sets goals for you, which will help you work towards eventually quitting.

2.Daily Burn

Another popular New Years resolution is to lose weight and get fitter. Again, this isnt an easy one for anyone, as it requires hard work and determination. However if you had a way of visualising your progress as well as your daily consumption, youll be able see exactly how you are progressing which can help motivate you to reach your goals.

Thats exactly what Daily Burn does. Once you have entered your details as well as your ideal weight, this app will give you a plan of how many calories to consume per day, so you can reach your goal. You need to keep track of everything including any exercise or physical activity, but its all worth it as food and exercise diaries are proven to help people lose weight.

3.Study Aid

Its not just adults that want to make New Years resolutions kids do too. If your son or daughter has said to themselves they want to improve at school, or you feel their grades need to get better, then why not try the Study Aid app?

They will be able to create flash cards to make studying all the more easier by breaking it down into bite size chunks. Whatever subject they are struggling with, they can create questions or topics, with answers and class notes to help them remember. Glancing once or twice a day at their phone to see class notes can help them remember and recall for when theyre next in class.

4.Save Money

The current economic climate is tough on all of us, and saving more month-on-month would be ideal for many UK households. However its easier said than done, especially if your budget is at breaking point already.

However this app will make budgeting all the more easier. It will tell you each month how much you have left to spend against your budget and alert you if youve been spending too much on unnecessary goods, such as those expensive coffees you love so much.

5.Life Goals

Finally there are life goals; this allows you to list all the things that you want to do in the year. Called 43things, you can list up to 43 things that you want to accomplish for 2012.

You can give extra details and input information on how far you are away from completing your goal, youll then see this represented as a percentage of completion. This app is synced to a main website which acts like an online community where you can see other peoples goals and engage with like minded people.

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