Engineering Services – Sierra Pacific

Ever thought about changing one thing about a latch, hinge or other product to make it the perfect part? Many of our clients have.

Sierra Pacific Engineering has been helping people develop and improve products for years. We are ready to assist you from concept to production. So whether you want to create something new, or make a good thing better or less expensive, our experienced staff will make it happen.

Creating Something New – Sierra Pacific will design new and innovative hardware that will set you apart as an industry leader. One of our customers recently told us, “The one thing that distinguishes my product from my competitor’s is the hardware on the door of my cabinet. I want hardware that will set me apart from the rest”.
The development process often begins with the submission of hand drawn sketches, hand made prototypes, etc. In other situations we have started with a visit to the customer. During such a visit, we view the customers products, as well as their competitor’s, and meet with as many people as possible to get as many perspectives as possible, focusing on; Function, Materials, Aesthetics and Target Cost.

Making A Good Thing Better – Customers frequently send us samples of existing hardware items noting, “If this part was two inches longer, made of stainless steel and had countersunk holes, it would be perfect!”

Does your company have any such scenarios? We want to discuss the possibilities with you.

Making A Good Thing Less Expensive – We are often approached by customers with a hardware item that meets all of their needs except one. . . it costs too much! Sound familiar? If so, please send us a sample, or fax us a drawing along with your annual requirements. Our fax number is 310-608-0952.