Dualit Toasters The Epitome Of Culinary Technology

We’re all aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; however, it’s also the biggest hassle to try and sneak in. Most people skip the meal, opting instead for a major boost of caffeine or a sugary alternative to pure energy. If you are one of the lucky few who find time in their daily routine to prepare at least a small culinary wake-up call, most likely you take advantage of a toaster –toast, waffles, etc. Well, if you’re looking for a breakfast experience sans the trouble of shorting wires and burning bread, you’ll be interested in this sleek, new product: the Dualit Toaster.

Hand crafted by some of the most incredible technical artists on the British market, Dualit Toasters are not only incredibly efficient, they’re also amazingly smart centrepieces for any kitchen. Garners Food Service Equipment offers a wide range of toasters and toaster ovens to encourage a balanced diet and a smashing start to your, no doubt, gruelling daily schedule.

Starting with their Dualit Six Slot Toaster, we have a sophisticated design that comes in a variety of colours –from traditional silver and black to the more customised red and petal pink. The toaster can hold up to six slices of bread –or any other bread product– and has a remarkable output rate of 195 slices per hour. The temperature and time settings are comprehensive and come conveniently on the side of the toaster, ensuring that your breakfast experience is not only quick, but also incredibly easy.

The Dualit Contact Toaster is a smart invention that seals and divides any of your sandwiches up to five inch sandwich squares. Garners’ most popular and best selling contact toaster, this machine enables its users the pleasure of having toasted sandwiches without the hassle of long lines at chain shops that don’t exactly guarantee the quality you’re seeking.

The Dualit Conveyor Turbo Toaster is a revelation in bread toasting. Compact and incredibly convenient, this toaster evenly toasts both sides of your bread. With an amazing output capacity of up to 360 per hour, this machine can cater to any of your toasting needs –whether simply starting your day or entertaining a small dinner party, this toaster oven allows you to get quality taste that you deserve.

Also available as an alternative to the pricier Duality Six Slot Toasters, Garners offers two simple dualit toasters that will get the job done at a price more feasible for those who prefer their breakfast on the go. The Duality Two and Four Slice Toasters are both sleek, convenient, and come equipped with the state of the art Soft Touch technology –keeping young hands away from the hot metal finish of the toaster as well as keeps the toaster finger mark free.

If you’re looking to amp up your breakfast options and Commercial Catering Equipment, visit garnersfoodserviceequipment.co.uk and begin your morning on the right foot. You’ll be glad that you chose Dualit over the Monday dregs.

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