Decorating Your Home in Black

In the closet of even the most cheerful person, you can find a lot of black things suits, ties, cocktail dresses and more. Yet no optimist turned pessimist because of this. But not everyone will risk doing their interior in black. Black color can be used in the interior. Its just important to know in what doses.

What color goes best with black? If you prefer not flashy calm interiors, you can combine it with different shades of gray. This can create either cold or warm feeling depending on different textures and tones. In the rooms intended for rest (bedrooms), it is better not to use the powerful contrasts of black with red, yellow or orange. To add some intrigue to the interior dim the bright color with the help of white and black.

It should be noted that in the Eastern cultures black color is a symbol of kindness, purity and perfection. In Japan, this color is a symbol of nobility and experience. To avoid completely shocking people, designers introduced black color in doses. You can see for yourself that black tile is no worse than white. And black Murano glass chandelier is a masterpiece. Finally, the designers did grow bolder and began to introduce the black color everywhere. No one is surprised by the black hardware, furniture, kitchenware and black floors.

Interior Finishing

Did you ever notice that expensive watches and jewelry are often wrapped in black velvet? The thing is that black is the perfect background that allows you to focus your attention on the most important detail. In a similar manner painting walls black or using black wallpaper will help you achieve elegant interior. But stay away from doing all walls in black. One wall or even a small portion is going to be more than enough. Bright or white furniture will almost literally shine with this kind of background. To sum it all up: “Black walls look very nice”.

If you are still not ready to such a dramatic change it might be easier to make floors black. Floorings in dark wood always look noble and respectable, especially if you cover them with yacht varnish. Lacquered herringbone parquet is an equally good solution. However, you should remember that even tiny bits of dust will be visible on this floor. You can also use black laminate, carpet or black tile.


Black color has one unique feature – it is the best color to create contrast. You do not need to buy only black furniture. It may even be a separate black object mounted in the center of the room. But it will continue to draw views.


Black looks great in decor items and accessories. Black glass chandeliers can quite literally catch the eyes with its mysterious look. Select black mirror frames, flower stands and candle holders to match. The black vase will look great on light colored furniture and black tableware will help with a fresh kitchen interior.