Computer Network Consulting

Ten considerations when choosing a Computer Network Consultant.

In todays increasingly complex computer age finding a great computer network consultant is imperative. The life of your business depends on it. Think about what would happen if your entire system were to crash. It could literally take years to regain all the client and product information you have worked so diligently to collect. How long would it take to get business running smoothly? “Ten considerations when choosing a computer network consultant” is a guide to selecting the right consultant in which to put your trust.

1. As with any project the first order of business is to lay out an organized plan. In order to maximize both yours and the consultants time, be sure to set written goals and expectations, and find a consultant who has the experience and knowledge to complete the project at hand.

2. Choose a consultant who will make the necessary time for face to face communications. This is most important at the beginning of the relationship. Much time and energy wasted can be avoided by sitting with the consultant initially for the amount of time necessary to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

3. She or he needs to be open to learning your organization’s systems, in order to make the most of its strengths and minimize its weaknesses. She or he should suggest a variety of options for improvements. Throwing the entire system out and starting over from scratch might be a quick easy way to approach your network but might not necessarily be the right solution. Find a consultant who is willing to do the work and provide you with several options.

4. Computer network consultants often operate on their own schedules as the technology is beyond many laymens understanding. Keep in mind they are providing a service like any other service business and should conduct themselves in a professional manner. Find a consultant that will respect your deadlines.

5. There is only so much your employees can handle and for most of us money is a concern. Your consultant must work within your staffing limitations and budget.

6. She or he needs to build set up a system that can run on a daily basis and grow without complete dependence on the consultant. She or he should include your employees in building the system or upgrade — not work alone till the project is complete then deliver a finished product that only the consultant understands.

7. She or he must keep track and document all of her or his work. At any point should a replacement be necessary for any reason, the new consultant needs to be able to continue where the last consultant left off.

8. Just as you have provided your consultant with a well-laid out set of expectations and goals, a qualified computer network consultant should provide regular updates in writing, and not become defensive when asked about progress of the project.

9. Find a consultant that has the time and staff to properly address you networks needs. Many growing companies take on more business than they can handle. Be sure to work with a professional consultant that understands their own time constraints.

10. Finally and possibly the most important consideration when choosing a qualified computer network consultant is does this person work well with others? A qualified Computer Network Consultant will communicate with your employees in a way that helps them to the understand the direction or solutions she or he is offering. They won’t be condescending in their approach just because the staff may have a possible lack of technological knowledge. You have worked hard to develop a team and system that operates efficiently, so make sure to bring in a vendor who will complement the organization and the people who hold it all together.