Best iPhone 3Gs apps for the workplace and business professionals

Don’t be fooled by its fun nature and stylish looks the iPhone 3Gs is more than capable of holding its own in the workplace, from tracking parcels to making spreadsheets to even organising your time there is an app for just about everything. So here’s a quick rundown of apps that can make your life more easier and fun at work.

1, Pcalc RPN Calculator

First of all let’s start with the basics and it doesn’t get more basic than the need to crunch numbers and this is where Pcalc RPN Calculator comes in. Now I know the iPhone comes with a calculator but when it comes to a hard-core scientific calculator they don’t get much better than this with its multiple undo and redo and unit conversion this bad boy will even give you a two line display if you need it. So when it comes to crunching the big numbers you are ready to go.

2, Things

Now we all have a to-do list at work and at home, and the thing with to-do lists is you really need to have them with you for them to work and this is where your shiny little iPhone comes in handy with the things app. From its ease-of-use and its stylish interface this organising system is very easy to personalise and will adapt to the way you do things rather than the other way round. With a simple checklist or a multitude of projects this app can help, so no matter how complicated work life may be the things app will help you keep everybody and everything in their place.

3 Delivery status touch

When it comes to tracking parcels things have got a little bit more professional. Whether you’re tracking an item that’s coming into the country for work or just want to know if that CD you bought from Amazon is arriving soon this app can help. It will track deliveries from over 40 stores and delivery services and will tell you roughly where your package is at the time of your search. Set up a free account at the app store to add your tracking info, once done you can paste tracking numbers from your computer instead of tapping them into your iPhone. So it’s quite a handy little app.

4 Business Card Reader

Are you tired of tapping away at your iPhone 3Gs like you’re some crazy old lady using Chip and pin in the supermarket! just trying to put in business contacts then this is the app you.If you live an active business and social life, contact partners, conduct negotiations and make business deals, you usually exchange business cards. Eventually you get tons of business cards and they become difficult to store, search and remember important contacts. Now you can scan them into your iPhone, just take a look at one of the best iPhone business card scanner apps! Business Card Reader scans and “reads” the picture using ABBYY’s text recognition technology and enters the data into appropriate fields of the iPhone address book. No more tapping away like a crazy old lady manually inputing the names, phone numbers, emails and other information from business cards! This technology allows you to capture contact information from business cards and save it to the iPhone address book. Business Card Reader creates complete and accurate contact information on your iPhone in a few seconds and it recognises a whole host of languages like English, French, Italian, German and Spanish business cards.This app is ideal for anyone who communicates with many people in work or personal life. I t’s an excellent tool for business professionals, exhibitors at trade shows, exhibitions attendees and sales personnel.

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