Apple Iphone Is The Device That Sparked The Touchscreen Revolution

For all those who are in love with the touch screen phones of today, they will be aware of the fact that the Apple iPhone has to be the genesis of the screen phones of today. The introduction of the touch screen phones happened only in 2007, when the Apple iPhone was launched. The Apple iPhone was most definitely one of the best smartphones not only of its time, but even now. It created a new era into the mobile phone industry, which is still keeping the smartphone lovers still interested. The touchscreen department is just one of the departments that the Apple iPhone excelled. Other area where the Apple iPhone was truly excellent was in the design and functionality.

The iPhone was definitely not the first touchscreen phone, but it was the touch screen phone that started the era of the capacitive technology in the touchscreen. This is a technology that facilitated in support for multi-touch, which is something that took the world by storm instantly. Due to the ease of use that was brought forward by the capacitive technology, people took instantly towards the Apple iPhone. It has been the case ever since. Design wise, the Apple iPhone has pretty much remained unchanged over the years mainly because of the fact that it was extremely good-looking initially. So, Apple has had no reason to change the design that has been so successful. Initially, the Apple iPhone came with three different memory options that are totally different from the options that are currently available in the Apple iPhone 4.

They were available in the 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB memory options. Even though they might be not great in the current situation, they were certainly far ahead of its time back in 2007. The Apple iPhone initially came with a 412 MHz processor, which was aptly supported by the use of a dedicated graphics card. It was a processor that was extremely fast and in turn, it proved to be the fastest mobile phone of all time. It ran the Apple iPhone OS, which pretty much redefined the term of a stable operating system. This was coming at a time when most of the operating systems that are popular namely, Symbian and so on, were facing a lot of issues when it comes to the stability. The Apple iPhone provided a stable platform for those who wanted entertainment, but also offered some business features as well.

It proved to be the massive turning point in the smartphone industry, which suddenly to towards the Apple iPhone OS. The Apple iPhone initially did not come with a secondary camera. It was only in the Apple iPhone 3GS version that the secondary camera was introduced. The original Apple iPhone has only a two megapixel camera that can make images at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The Apple iPhone has been on sale for relatively the same price all these years and it is definitely one of the best phones of all time.