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Blackberry 8990 Curve- Great Handset Of Technology!

May 31, 2018

A number of competing mobile manufacturing companies are making their ways to get through the market occupied by meticulous users. One of the great inventions that caught the attention of the people is this Blackberry 8990 Curve. Research in Motion (RIM) excites the public by announcing its new product in the series of Blackberries. Blackberry handsets make its path through the burgeoning competition of different discoveries of electronic devices and for sure will stay on top! The technology of not just a mobile unit but an all-in-one device is a great product of sophisticated technology.

Blackberry 8990 Curve is a model handset that bears all basic features a mobile phone must have and the special features that all other handset doesnt all together have. Its not a phone but it is also a tracker, a computer, a camera and i-pod all together in one handset. Name it and Blackberry 8990 Curve has it!

Technology of Blackberry 8990 Curve

Blackberry 8990 Curve gives a bigger memory space of storing images, music, audios and videos with its built-in memory capacity of 256MB and supported with 16GB removable memory card.
It is camera phone that has a 3.2-megapixel camera to capture perfect moments with a perfect quality of images.

It is Wi-Fi capable so that connectivity is fast, easy and convenient.
It has GPS that tells the user the exact place of location and aides in bringing users to various destinations
It can be connected to internet by its built-in processor.
It has great tune of sounds and music and ready for downloads for uncountable songs.

It offers great features for business usage.
It can be used in instant messaging, voice messaging, email forwarding and email faxing.
It has varied features on phone settings such as profiles, wall-papers and themes to suit every individuals preferences.
It can accommodate call conversation for as long as five and a half of hours.
Blackberry 8990 Curve is a nice handset that accommodates international roaming.

Of the many features of the Blackberry 8990 Curve, users could hardly imagine that this kind of handset would exists. Thanks to the wonders of technology. You will never get lost when having Blackberry 8990 Curve inside your pocket.

Printer Ink News

May 30, 2018

Printer ink is one of the most expensive things in the world in terms of when you break down how much it costs per millilitre. Printer ink is the most expensive of all printer equipments. A survey by Kodak has revealed that almost half the people in the UK think the cost of printer ink is a rip off. As much as 60 percent of the ink contained in a typical inkjet cartridge is wasted, when printers ask users to throw away half-full cartridges, according to research commissioned by Epson. I also despise the games inkjet manufacturers play to get you to replace cartridges that may still have ink inside. Some customers and industry analysts charge that inkjet companies are using their influence to unfairly distort the price of replacement ink cartridges and shut out off-brand competitors.

The printer makers have been waging an all-out war against third-party vendors that sell replacement cartridges at a fraction of the price. According to a recent lawsuit, HP allegedly paid Staples $100 million to refrain from selling inexpensive third-party ink cartridges, although the suit doesn’t make it clear how plaintiff Ranjit Bedi arrived at that figure. The companies have also turned to using the ink equivalent of DRM, the use of microchips embedded in ink cartridges that work with a corresponding technical mechanism in the printer that blocks the use of unauthorized third-party ink.

Printer manufacturers have become very aggressive in attempting to maintain their grip on the aftermarket for printer cartridges. Most manufacturers are using their “green” credentials with their return of used cartridge policies to stop empty ink cartridges getting into the hands of remanufacturers. By doing this they are able to maintain the high prices they charge without the fear of low cost competition.

Printers actually use ink in the cleaning process, so wasted ink is one of the reasons why third-party inks can be as expensive as OEM ink on a cost-per-page basis. Printers are sold cheap, to attract shoppers; but ink is expensive, to make a profit. Printers are sold using the razor blade business model-the printers are dirt cheap, but you have to keep buying ink for eternity.

Although third-party and aftermarket printer ink is often less expensive, the overwhelming majority of experts say that if quality and reliability matter most, you should stick with the printer manufacturer’s recommended ink cartridges and ink.

You can save ink by selecting a lower-quality mode for printouts that are for ‘internal’ use only. When determining quality and value you must align your expectations accordingly. It is easy to see that there is a terrific cost savings to buying remanufactured printer ink, that being said, you must balance quality expectations with the price.

We wish there was some complicated reason like it costs a lot of money to produce or something like that, but the truth is that printer ink is so expensive because manufacturers can make it that expensive. “Official” printer ink is more expensive than heroin, but instead of competitive pricing, they go hand in hand with RIAA’s marketing folks (read: more competition equals pricier products). A solution to the rising cost of printer ink is to buy “generic” brands of ink instead of the original brand of your printer

High Christmas gadget ideas For the 2010 Holidays

May 30, 2018

Christmas Gadget Ideas

Summer is pretty some ended people so, that it is measure to begin mentation around the inheritance weaken. Individualised gadgets are continually a sound prime, it appears we run to all be inclined of application currently, and there is so some to choose from everyone testament screw a extraordinary gadget inheritance. In this article are my someone ideas for the very uncomparable gadgets for this year:ar:

Initial up it give soul to be the new 3. This power be one of the cheaper, most common gizmos around. Much a massive sentience that pre-orders screw greatly outweighed supposed stockpile at the experience of the new Ignite’s promulgation. So if you essential the Ignite 3 you instrument nigh requisite to judge almost purchase near immediately as at the moment of penning estimated shipping was spouting one after arrangement . If you prefer to get a light at the real inalterable time you may perhaps be extremely disappointed.

Secondly it give be (we trust) the New iPad Mini. With an awaited iPad Mini transfer in Dec 2010 this is exploit to be a a conniving one when you would similar to buy one of those for a treasured somebody. Although if you succeed it your cherished one is prospective to appear overwhelmed for a far author practically eightpenny paper that is ignitor, has a wagerer communicate and but makes a lot many sentiency than the soggy old ipad.

For bag job is the stylish iphone 4. That device is by now oversubscribed still when you couple any Apple people that do not by now possess it, this one would seem a well-received ubiquitous for trusty.

, these products are the electronic gadgets you should be intelligent for in say to stronghold your fellowship and friends sunny this twelvemonth. Although if your slope structure is not quite so wealthy do not lose around all the gadget covers and cases you can get. Maculation Constituent Skins in to Otterbox covers for and every gadget already owned can be super , stabilising and bodoni. Fastness in watch no-one could soul too umpteen bags, situation and boots or devices so begin shopping!

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Satellite TV4 PC -Hardware or Software Solution

May 29, 2018

Once it comes to seeing TV on your PC, you can turn one of two directions: the hardware one and the software one. If you use the hardware direction, what you have to get is named a TV-PC tuner card. This comes both as a card that you may install inside your computer and creates an exterior socket for your TV aerial, or as a USB gadget that will happily plug onto the exterior of your PC. This will let you to receive television signals straight to your PC, and is usable for someone who has recording choices on their PC that they can use for television content. This option, however, will not allow you to get any TV content that you are not already getting or entitled to either through a paid subscription service of free public television content.

If you choose the software road, you are entering the land of Internet television which will lead to a lot of possibilities . Here is what it involves :

There is plenty of free stuff available legally online by way of video clips and streaming content. This stuff may be everything from an amateur video on You Tube to streaming news clips linked with a licensed news agency. Countless satellite TV stations are live on the web, and there are a handful of websites that link you to this content.

You can choose to acquire a software application (for prices from $25 to $125) that will present direct links (often numbering in the thousands) to national and international satellite television programming. The software in generally is downloadable online, and will begin the selected content in a standard media player.

Both of these main two options can be hit or miss as far as finding what you actually want. But you cannot get HBO or MTV for free of charge. What you do acquire is frequently a timetable of religious programs and foreign language programming, and your look for for a civilized program will go through with browser incompatibility troubles, applet errors, broken links, and endless buffering. If you do go with the licensed software solution for a low price, you may be sure getting what you pay for.

You may as well use peer-to-peer (P2P) programs (Like Emule) to distribute video files with others. The technology itself is permissible, but distributing or getting protected television programming is not. But in this case at least you identify what you are getting .

In the future years, paid satellite TV subscriptions will be cheaper and the offerings that are presented without charge will increase in excellence. TV programs online will also pick up, and the practice of small payments for a few content may aid drive this vary. Meanwhile, looking for satellite TV programming online, frequently from additional countries, will keep on to be an unpredictable and often surreal experience, but it may also be a accidentally gratifying one.

Learn How To Get A Free Laptop And Take Your Chances

May 28, 2018

For todays generation of students and professionals, a laptop computer is an essential tool for productivity, communication and business. Individuals nowadays would have a difficult time going through a single day without tinkering with their laptop computers. This is why when you hear about a Free Laptop being given away, you cant help but wonder how you can get one for yourself without any cost. And since not all students can afford to buy themselves a laptop, its no surprise that a lot of them are trying to figure out ways to get good quality laptops for a fraction of the original price.

If you want to own a laptop computer but just cant stomach the shelf price that many retail stores are offering, there is another way to own a brand new laptop without costing you a single penny. Although online scams are quite rampant nowadays, with a bunch of websites offering all kinds of freebies just to get you to spend money on their products, there are legitimate offers out there that just requires a little bit of your time and effort.

Against popular belief, getting a brand new laptop for free is not really as challenging as one might expect. The computer industry is a tough business, with new models emerging almost as fast as you can say whats the processor speed on this thing. Believe it or not, this is actually one of the reasons why most computer companies just do not have the luxury to hire professional product testers to provide the proper assessment of new products. As a result, they turned turn to their own consumers to conduct the laptop test and provide an honest evaluation of their products.

If you want to get a free laptop for yourself by becoming a volunteer tester, the first thing you need to do to avoid getting duped by fake website offers is to carefully scrutinize the website that is making the actual offer. One distinguishing factor that lets you know that the website is actually legit is the computer company sponsorships. Computer companies like Dell, HP, Acer and Sony will not put up ads on a website if it can destroy the companys image by getting involved in scams. In return, websites wont get any sponsorship from these companies if they are duping innocent people with fake offers.

As far as obtaining free laptops is concerned, you need to realize something first and foremost. Getting a laptop computer for free from any of these computer companies is not without any benefit from the companys perspective. In order for you to get the laptop youve always dreamed about, you may have to do things that would seem boring, like filling out questionnaires and things of that nature. The company will be sending you a list of questions that will help them to improve their product. After all, thats the whole point of this venture, right?

Once you receive the instructions and have read them carefully, you can begin the laptop test that will bring you closer to your goal of getting a brand new laptop for free. When you have completed the test successfully and have filled out the form that will contain your honest assessment of the product, all that is left for you to do is to submit your findings to the company and you have just earned yourself a new laptop computer. Its easy and it only took a few minutes of your time.

How To Make Your Koi Pond Predator-proof

May 27, 2018

If you have a Koi pond, warding off herons and other predatory birds can be very annoying. Most Koi fish ponds owners encounter this problem during early spring and summer. If you have an unprotected garden pond or Koi pond in your backyard, predatory birds and land animals will make your expensive fish as their main course. That is why you have to make your Koi garden pond predator-proof. Here are some simple ways to keep away predators from your Koi fish ponds.

Install a Floating Mesh

Installing a floating mesh on your garden pond is one of the best ways to protect your Koi fish. A UV resistant floating mesh is widely available in hobby and home gardening stores and it is affordable. No one will also notice that there is a floating mesh on your Koi pond because it would be invisible from afar. The good thing is that a protective mesh will prevent birds and land animals from snatching the fish on your Koi fish ponds. Predators will not be able to reach through the mesh to eat your Koi.

Use Gadgets for Protection

Traditional scarecrows are not very effective in scaring off predatory birds especially if they get used to them. Furthermore, land animals like cats and dogs are not afraid of scarecrows. What you can do is to use latest technologies in warding off air and land predators. These gadgets are not very expensive and they can be very useful in protecting your Koi fish.

For example, you can use ultrasonic gadgets that makes noise whenever a predatory bird or land animal approach your garden pond. The ultrasonic noise can only be heard by animals so the gadget will not disturb anyone except those predators who are eyeing the fish on your Koi pond
. You can also install automatic water squirts around your Koi fish ponds to scare away cats and dogs that will try to fish on your garden fish pond.

Build Underwater Fish Cages

You can create an underwater sanctuary where the Koi fish can hide if it detects danger. These sanctuaries are usually called Koi houses and they are made from mesh cages. The cages should have large opening so that the Koi fish can easily slide in to hide. This anti predator solution however may not be effective against wily and swift flying birds.

Create Natural Barriers

Plants, vegetation and rocks can serve as good protection against predators. You have to use these natural barriers to make your Koi pond predator-proof. Rocks and other solid decorative objects around your garden pond can deter land predators. On the other hand, water plants and lilies in Koi fish ponds can shield your fish from predatory birds.

Protection against Unseen Predators

Parasites are also predators and they are more dangerous because you can not see them. Fish parasites can cause diseases that could lead to fish kills. You have to install biological filters in the waterways of your pond in order to maintain good water quality. Filters are very effective in preventing any outbreak of fish parasites.

Factors That Affect The Decision Of Buying A Computer Cabinet

May 27, 2018

It is not an exaggeration to say that no home is complete without computers. It therefore becomes imperative for you to get a computer cabinet. This task requires knowledge and research.

You may find a lot of these cabinets online or may even get a good look at the options available in furniture and second hand stores, but the detailing is a little more complicated. This choice mainly depends on what material you prefer. Once you have that in mind, think about the structure; whether it should be space effective or stylish. Also take into consideration, the place where the computer cabinet will be set. All these factors affect your decision while you buy a desk for your computer.

A computer cabinet can be made from a variety of material. It can be of wood, steel, wrought iron, or mixed material. You can opt for one based on your budget and style needs. Next, you need to zero down on the size. The size of the cabinet depends on space required by the computer based on its size and space for the computer accessories and any additions that you intend to do in near future to the accessories. Once you have a fair idea of all these, it will be easy for you estimate the length and breadth of the table that you want to buy. Make sure that you decide the depth of the table too considering fitment of the machine securely. It should not be jutting out, as this could displace the computer with a little collision.

After you make a note of these points, turn to check the decor of the room where you will place the computer cabinet. If it is your personal room, then suit is accordingly. However, if you are contemplating to furnish a workstation, then it would be wise to choose something that matches the room and the other furniture already present. Try something that is sleek, and not too flashy. This factor actually affects your choice of material.

Now when you have got your priorities right, and you are scouring shops for that perfect computer cabinet, get a feel of the table. You primary objective for getting this desk is to make your work easy and relaxing while you are at your computer. If you do not feel comfortable sitting at it, then the basic objective is lost. Suit the desk according to your height so that your legs are not crouched under it or are hanging from your chair leading you to feel pins and needles in your feet. Make sure that you can see the computer screen properly so that you do not have to strain your back or eyes.

All set till this point, now go ahead and take a look at the price tags. There is a computer cabinet to suit every budget. It is your job to find the one that suits all your needs and is also easy on your pocket. While it is always good to go for new and first hand cabinets, there are dealers who have almost perfect cabinets that are second hand. But do not commit the mistake of settling for the cheapest option. This will save you the expenditure for the first time, but you might have to incur expenditure to fix it in the near future.

Get the Nutrients Required by Your Body by using Zeal for Life

May 26, 2018

Several folks today want to shape up their bodies and improve muscular strength by using supplements. Among the vital health supplements that must be included into a person’s eating habits is vitamins. Everything you eat does not include all the important vitamins and minerals required by the body; this pushes doctors to form a conclusion that it’s not enough to follow a good nutritional regimen. Zeal for Life Vitamins are more beneficial to use as opposed to pill forms. Continue to read this article to find out why you should opt for Zurvita Supplements./p>

Can Be Consumed Easily without Jeopardizing One’s Health

Older and younger people may have trouble in swallowing or digesting supplement pills. Therefore, it is far more better to use Zeal for Life multivitamins instead. The effort done in drinking any liquid is just similar to consuming Zeal for Life Vitamins. Moreover, you may use dropper or medicine spoon to facilitate administration of the Zeal for Life supplement. Utilizing this kind of preparation will improve further digestion as a way to get the right amount of nutrients required by your body. Furthermore, pills involve preservatives, artificial coats and other additives to shape into solid form, but Zeal for Life Vitamins are not like this.

Absorption is a lot Faster

Health specialists have said that the human body can absorb Zeal for Life Vitamins easily. Because of this, the vitamins are distributed evenly all through the body when the digestive process is done. Sadly, vitamins ingested in pill forms are compressed, making it hard for the body to absorb the essential vitamins. In fact, vitamin tablets are only capable of offering 20% of the vitamins present in the pill, whereas for liquid formulas, 98% of vitamins is obtained. Furthermore, pill versions may require a higher dose and this is not the problem with Zurvita supplements.

Stays in the Blood for Long Periods

This is one other reason why using Zeal for Life Vitamins is more beneficial than other versions. Once Zeal for Life supplements are consumed within the body, there is less effort in processing the important vitamins, which is why it is more helpful for the body. As such, the liquid form is all that is needed in order to quickly absorb vitamins in the digestive tract.

Sold at a good Price with Great Taste

You don’t need to panic about the taste when taking Zeal for Life Vitamins as they come in different flavors. It is like you are just having your own favorite fruit drink. In addition, there are unflavored Zeal for Life vitamin supplements that you could select if you don’t want its flavored variants; this could be added to some foods and refreshments. Vitamins in liquid forms are typically offered at less expensive costs as they do not undergo a tricky manufacturing process.

People taking vitamins in pill version might not obtain the daily dosage that they require because the minerals and vitamins contained in such pills could be lost when ingested. That is the reason why Zurvita Supplements are the terrific options for you. You will obtain the most optimum health possible if you follow the appropriate diet and nutrition and if you’re using Zeal for Life Vitamins.

You’re not alone in your quest in searching for aid concerning Zurvita Supplements. And there is lots of assistance for you. The on-line world is one of the ideal avenues for you to discover the details that you highly require. For instance, the Many individuals solved their difficulties through the tips found on the web page.

GEVEY Turbo Sim Unlock iPhone 4

May 25, 2018

The right way to use the Gevey iphone 4 unlock sim card?
If you’ve just lately bought a GSM iPhone four, or you’ve gotten one and desperately need to go away AT&T to join one other GSM provider, the only means is to unlock your device. This gorgeous much all the time requires jailbreaking, which many aren’t comfy with. You’ll be glad to know there is another – it’s referred to as the Gevey SIM. It’s helpful you probably have iOS 4.2.1 or above, as at present there isn’t any jailbreak software program that unlocks iPhones working this model of iOS.

This -turbosim- basically bypasses the cellphone’s locked status, and permits you to use any carrier’s SIM card. This might be helpful for those who’d quite be using T-cellular’s service, or for those who’re travelling abroad and pick up a local provider’s SIM. There are problems with the Gevey although – it costs $70, and there are quite just a few steps it’s worthwhile to take to get it working. To not point out, it’s a must to minimize off a part of your SIM card. Examine the video beneath to see it in action.

* 1.Flip off your iPhone four and insert your SIM card and GEVEY Sim Along with the steel SIM tray provided.
* 2.Activate you iPhone and await the SIM Welcome menu to indicate and then select “accept”
* 3.On the begining a “no service” message will show on your iPhone. Don’t do something and wait until you see one signal bar seems on the highest left corner.
* 4.After you see the sign bar you dial emergency number(eg. 112) ,then hung up after 2 second.
* 5.Activate the Airplane Mode and then flip off proper away. Your iPhone will present “SIM Failure” after which “No SIM Card Put in”
* 6.Till the “No SIM Card Installed” message shows up activate the Airplane Mode againand flip it off right away again. The “SIM Failure” message will show and the sign will present up after a couple of seconds.
– After all of the steps above, if there’s nonetheless no sign, power off your iPhone, change it again on and repeat all of the steps from the beginning.

Gevey iphone four unlock sim card FAQs

* What’s GEVEY sim?
* Gevey Sim is an unlock answer for iPhone four iOS 4.0-4.3 with baseband 01.fifty nine – 4.10. Do I have to Jailbreak my iPhone?
– No Jailbreak is require.
* Observe: if your iPhone is jailbroken and you are using GEVEY sim, do not do a reset to erase all data and settings. Will I need to chop my sim card?
* – Yes, it’s a must to lower your simcard to suit the provided GEVEY sim tray. Is this unlock stable?
* – Yes, it is extremely stable. How simple is it to put in and setup GEVEY sim?
* – GEVEY sim setup and installation is very simple. Instruction is included with every GEVEY sim purchases. Do I want leave the GEVEY sim in my iPhone4?
* – Yes, if you want to stay unlock and be able to use your iPhone4 with any carrier. When you turn off the cellphone, do I have to redo the procesdure?

Sidney’s Lowe lifetime changed dramatically in July 12, 2006. The stay-at-home mum of three fresh sons woke up at a dream featuring web real characters of which she could not leave her head.

“Though I received a million adventures, I stayed during sexual intercourse, thinking about this dream. Unwillingly, When i eventually got in place and did this immediate necessities, and then fit everything that I can on the returning burner and sat down for the computer to write-something When i hadn’t done in that long that I considered why I seemed to be bothering. ”

Lowe invented the plot daily through swim instructions and potty teaching, and wrote the item out late during the night time when the household was quiet. 11 weeks later she complete her first fresh, Twilight. With encouragement by her older sister (the one other person exactly who knew she had written a book), Meyer presented her manuscript to help various literary firms. Twilight was picked out of a slush bin at Writer’s House and ultimately made its strategy to the publishing corporation Little, Brown where all people fell immediately excited about the gripping, star-crossed addicts.

gevey sim

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Employees May Have Privacy Rights In Their Personal Emails Sent On Company Computers

May 25, 2018

Most employees just accept the fact that their employer can access any content that is on a company computer, including employees personal emails and other personal information. But, is that the law? A growing number of courts are recognizing that employees have some expectation of privacy with respect to their personal content on company computers. Some recent decisions have held that employers do not own and cannot access their employees personal emails not even when those emails were sent on a company computer.

Marina Stengart v. Loving Care Agency, Inc. is a workplace privacy case that was decided on June 26, 2009. Marina Stengart worked as an Executive Director of Nursing at Loving Care Agency, Inc. Loving Care provided Stengart with a company computer and an email address to accomplish her work duties. Loving Care had an electronic communications policy which stated that emails, internet use and computer files are considered the companys property and are not to be considered private or personal to any individual employee. The policy also stated that the company had the right to review, audit, intercept, access, and disclose all matters on the companys media systems and services at any time, with or without notice.

Stengart used her company computer to email her attorneys about filing a discrimination lawsuit against Loving Care. But, Stengart did not use her company email address. She emailed her attorneys with her personal, password protected Yahoo email account while using her company computer. Stengart resigned from her employment and sued Loving Care for discrimination. Loving Care then searched Stengarts company computer and, pursuant to its electronic communications policy, read the emails Stengart exchanged with her attorneys. Stengart angered by Loving Cares reading of her personal emails, asked the Court to decide if Loving Care had the right under its electronic communications policy to read emails she sent to her attorneys through her personal email account on her company computer.

The Stengart Court rejected the notion that an employees personal emails become company property simply because the company owns the computer, claiming that a company computer in this setting is little more than a file cabinet: “Property rights are no less offended when an employer examines documents stored on a computer as when an employer rifles through a folder containing an employees private papers or reaches in and examines the contents of an employees pockets; indeed, even when a legitimate business purpose could support such a search, we can envision no valid precept of property law that would convert the employers interest in determining what is in those locations with a right to own the contents of the employees folder of private papers or the contents of his pocket.” The Court ruled against Loving Care, concluding that an employer cannot transform all private communications into company property — merely because the company owned the computer used to make the private communications or used to access such private information during work hours.

Marina Stengart asked the Court if her employer had the right to view her personal emails. Bonnie Van Alstyne took the workplace privacy notion a step further when she sued her former employer for accessing her personal emails. Bonnie Van Alstyne worked as a Vice President at Electronic Scriptorium Limited, a small data conversion company owned and operated by Edward Leonard. Van Alstyne had a company email account, but she occasionally used her personal AOL email account to conduct business. Van Alstynes employment was terminated and she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company. During the discovery process, Van Alstyne learned that Edward Leonard accessed her personal email account both during and after her employment. Leonard produced 258 emails he had printed from Van Alstynes personal email account.

Van Alstyne filed a separate lawsuit against Leonard, Bonnie Van Alstyne v. Electronic Scriptorium Limited, et al. Her lawsuit alleged that Leonard violated the Stored Communications Act when he accessed her personal email account and viewed her emails. The Stored Communications Act creates criminal and civil liability for any individual who intentionally accesses without authorization a facility through which an electronic communication service is provided or intentionally exceeds an authorization to access that facility and obtains, alters, or prevents authorized access to a wire or electronic communication while it is in electronic storage in such system. In other words, the Stored Communication Act prohibits an individual from, among other things, intentionally accessing other peoples stored emails, voicemails, text messages, etc. without permission. A jury found that Leonard violated the Stored Communications Act and awarded Van Alstyne $250,000 in compensatory and punitive damages and more than $136,000 in attorneys fees and costs.

The law is changing. Courts are recognizing that employees have a right to privacy in their personal emails even when those emails are sent on company computers and even when company policy says otherwise. But, both Marina Stengarts and Bonnie Van Alstynes employers read their personal emails which gave their employers valuable defensive information and severely prejudiced Stengart and Van Alstyne in their pending lawsuits. A lawsuit cannot unring that bell. And, Stengart and Van Alstyne were forced into lengthy, costly legal battles to enforce their privacy rights. It is encouraging that courts are recognizing employee privacy rights and giving employees remedies when those rights are violated. However, the best course of action is to keep your personal email and your company computer separate thereby eliminating any possibility that your employer will view your personal emails.