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Web Harvey How To Extract Data From Websites Using Web Scraper

November 30, 2017

Web scraping (also called screen scraping, web data extraction, web harvesting, etc.) to a technique used to large amounts of data from websites to remove.

Data from third party websites on the Internet usually using a Web browser that can be seen. For example, yellow pages, directories, real estate sites, social networking, industrial catalogs, shopping sites and offer more functionality to websites they are not a copy of the performance data stored on the local storage of data offers. The only option then manually copy and paste the data into a local file on your computer – is a very tedious task that may take several hours to complete.
Web scraping is the process of automating the process, so instead of manually copying data from web sites, web scraper software will perform the same function within a fraction of the time.

In the same way as your web browser, web scraper software interacts with websites. Served by the website instead of displaying data on screen, web-scraper software to a local file or database required data prevents Web pages.
Web Harvey is a point and click web scraper that will help you to easily scrape data from websites. Unlike most other web scraper software, Web Harvey with mouse clicks can be configured to extract data from websites is needed. You just by pointing the mouse to select the data to be removed.

Benefits of Web Scraper WebHarvy
Web Harvey makes you different from other similar products? Key benefits and advantages is that the data for the extraction using WebHarvy? Read more. Scrape the data using a point and click interface Web Harvey is a visual web scraper. Web Harvey you to configure a point-and-click interface, the data from websites using scraping. A script / code or go through complex setup procedures are not necessary for data scraping. Just browse to the page that the data must be extracted by clicking on it and select the required data. It’s that simple!

Can be easily configured intelligently identify patterns of data
Web Harvey develop a major design goals, while we scrape data that enables users to communicate with the software websites with a minimum amount should be. This implies the minimum key and mouse clicks.

If the data as you try to repeat a list, address, email address, price, etc. of a web scraping, Web Harvey not ask whether a data item or a list of items to try to occupy are unlike other web data extraction software. Repeats the data Web Harvey intelligently identify.
Extracted data can be stored in a variety of formats
Web Harvey a file or a SQL database to data from the web store allows. CSV (Comma Separated Values), TSV (tab separated values), XML (Extensible Markup Language) file formats are supported. CSV files in Microsoft Excel, Open Office or Google Docs as well as any that can be opened using spreadsheet software.
Web Harvey is offered at a reasonable price
for only $ 99 to buy a Web Harvey single user license. You get free lifetime support and free updates for one year.

Have A Diesel Exhaust Leak Bellowed Up-pipes Are The Perfect Solution

November 30, 2017

Installing Bellowed Up-pipes on your diesel truck is the perfect solution to the all too common diesel exhaust leak. The stock Ford up-pipes are designed using a crush donut gasket to seal the up-pipes into the y-collector. Over time, expansion and contraction cause the donuts to leak, hurting engine performance and mileage.

When your factory up-pipes leak you will start to see a loss of power, mileage and a gain in EGT’s. The International Up-pipe kit comes complete with everything you need to swap the leaking factory up-pipes for the new bellowed style, including hardware nuts and bolts
International Bellowed Up-pipes are exactly what you need to cure those leaking stock up-pipes. Diesel exhaust leaks aren’t a matter of IF, just a matter of WHEN. Your factory style up-pipes will start to leak, and when they do this is your permanent answer. Because International bellowed Up-pipes use a bellow rather than a donut gasket these kits won’t leak ensuring you are utilizing all your boost to spool the turbo.

The tell tail symptoms of an up-pipe leak are black soot present around the up-pipe/y-collector, and even soot deposits on the firewall and nearby engine components. Using aftermarket gauges, a 7.3L Powerstroke owner can also see a drop in boost and higher EGT’s.
The International up-pipes are bellowed and do not use crush donut gaskets. The bellows allow for expansion and contraction and rarely leak over time. Although not a diesel performance part (unless you get the ceramic coating), the International up-pipes are a worthwhile investment when exhaust leaks are found, and serve as a proper fix for Ford’s “flawed” design.

What makes The Diesel Performance Version unique is using Ceramic Coating. The Turbo Black ceramic was formulated for exhaust temps up to 2000*F and will hold in at least 60% of the heat from radiating out under your hood. Not all black coatings will achieve that function. These coatings have been specifically formulated for use on military aircraft.

By retaining the heat energy your 7.3L Powerstroke turbo will spool up faster and more efficiently. A double coat to the outside of the pipes will protect them from rusting and it results in a much longer more attractive finish while retaining heat. The two main functions of the coating is appearance and longevity of your engine parts and gaining a more efficient running engine.

What comes in the International Bellowed Up-Pipe Kit?

The complete kit Contains:
Collector, L/H Pipe, R/H Pipe, & Bolt Kit (2 gaskets, 4 short bolts, 4 long bolts, & 4 nuts)

A couple helpful tips before installing:
1) Soak all exhaust bolts and turbo clamps down with penetrating oil several times over a couple days prior to starting replacement. This will make the job go a little easier.
2)Disconnect the batteries.
3)You’ll be on top of the engine a lot. Get some blankets or a topside creeper for comfort.
4) Clean all component thoroughly prior to assembly.

SMTP Relay Server Smoothens your Online Connections

November 29, 2017

The World is getting increasingly getting confined in our palms. Todays business is very much addicted to the modern communication technology. With the increase in the online traffic to make your business more profitable and also to make an entry into new markets and new territories. The only option of going for the advanced communication technology is to avail the services of the SMTP Relay Server. It is always not possible to make their physical presence available in all parts of the globe, so the only option is to take the help of services like the e-mail. The SMTP Relay Server is a program dedicated to Windows. This program or application as you may call it, can convert any windows based PC into an SMTP Server.

This specialized program is generally used to handle e-mails. So it can be also called as e-mail server SMTP. It can be used as a dedicated server on any personal computer, in the background. It works like a link between two separate computers. They are more commonly or rather extensively used by the travelling community (executives). This program uses the TCP/IP protocol, since they use the services of various service providers. The SMTP application almost repeatedly tries to send the message in order to reach you fast and conveniently. In case your ISP blocks it, thats why they help almost repeatedly. The SMTP server also offers a host of security applications.

To let your messages reach the destination in the safest way and without any spams or viruses. It is the SMTP relay server, who will protect your messages. It is a gateway relay server, who sends your messages directly as and when possible. But in some cases it gets blocked but the SMTP application program filters it and only the pure message is sent. This server also offers you a lot of security options, in order to protect you machine from any unrelated hacker attack or filter spam. The e-mail server SMTP is a server program, dedicated for windows. The email program includes the MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape or the Bat. They are quite ideal for the laptop users.

The travelling executives use various types of Internet Service Providers and they also help you in your getting of the emails. The SMTP relay server supports almost all the e-mail programs, but it is best optimized to work with the Outlook Express. The email server SMTP generally supports all email programs and also lets you to remain connected with the server in the easiest way. The messages will be delivered directly to the recipients. You will just have to use the word “local host”. You can send messages in the most usual manner. The local SMTP relay server is also very fast and also reliable. It will also give you the flexibility of protection. It provides protection from outside of the internet. The most interest thing is the easy learning process, where an excellent documentation is included.

Tips To Fix Computer Monitor Related Problems

November 28, 2017

How many times did you come across a non-responsive monitor? I am sure; it must be more than once. Well, there are several reasons that contribute to computer monitor problems. It may be due to an electrical fault, loose cable connection, interferences, and defected computers video adapter or monitors problem itself.

While there are a number of factors that bring premature death to your monitor, you are always with the options to rejuvenate your monitor. Here well discuss about some of the options you can try to retrieve your monitor from a dead state.

Firstly, make sure that all the connections are okay. Remove the electrical cord and VGA cable from your computer and monitor and then put them back to their original place. Check out whether the connection is tight. In case you are using a cable extender you have to remove it.

Use a different outlet to plug the monitors electric cord. For a UPS or surge protector you need to plug it directly into a wall outlet.

Whether your monitor has gotten a severe problem or its just a result of loose connection, can be determined by attaching it to a different computer. If its still not working you can assume that it needs replacement or repair work. On the other hand, if it works perfectly, troubleshoot your video card.

Another way you can try is to unplug your computer from the monitor and power outlet. Remove the cover and take the video card out of the slot. Then again push it back to place after ensuring a secure connection.

If you cant make out whether your video card is the main culprit, go for reinstalling the video card drivers. Put the video card CD into your computers CD-ROM drive. Then follow the instructions to reinstall it. You may opt for downloading a new version from the manufacturers website.

Very often we overlook the simple issue that might be associated with our monitors problem. Yes, you are right; I am talking about Screen Resolution. To resolve the problem Right click on a blank area of your desktop, choose Properties from display menu and click on the Setting tab. Now try different resolutions for your screen.

Are you aware of electrical interference? This causes your monitor appear jumpy or wavy. Take radios, speakers or fans away from your monitor lest they cause electrical interference.

These are some handy ways you can try to fix your monitor. If you face more critical problems you can take support from Online Computer Repair. Computer services companies offer various tech support plans to fix all sorts of PC problems. You can subscribe any of their plans and enjoy hassle-free computing.

Iphone-4 Battery Replacement Procedures

November 28, 2017

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 on 24 June 2010 it also changed the battery that was in previous iPhone models. The battery in the iPhone 4 either has 16GB or 32 GB capacity. The iPhone 4 battery replacement unit is a 3.7V 1420 mAh Li-Polymer cell battery. Also the iPhone 4 battery replacement is a bit easier than replacing the batteries on the older versions 3G or 3GS and certainly easier than the iPhone 2G.

If you are at ease with working on rather small electronic units then you can order an iPhone 4 battery replacement kit. This replacement kit will include the battery, a plastic case opening tool to remove the rear panel which is sometimes called an iPod opening tool, a Phillips head screwdriver size #00 or as some of the iPhone 4s have an iPhone 4 5-point screw, called pentalobe screws, you will need the iPhone 4 5-point screwdriver to remove those screws. The kit should include an instruction page or give you an online website that has the replacement instructions in video or picture format.

When you go to replace the battery on the iPhone 4 you will need to remove the rear panel and also remove the battery. You begin by making sure your iPhone 4 is turned off. Then you take off the rear panel by removing the outside screws near the connector for the dock. Then you push the rear panel to remove. Next you have to take off the screw connecting the battery connector to the motherboard. You have to take the battery connector up very carefully so you dont pull or jerk it off. Also remove the antenna contact. Then you have to take out the battery using the plastic tab that is sticking up at the side of the battery. Again this has to be preformed very carefully so you dont damage anything inside the back of the iPhone. When you insert your new battery you will have to reverse this procedure. Of course if you do it yourself you void any Apple warranty you may have.

Since Apple generally has a one year warranty if your iPhone is less than a year old and it will be if you purchased it recently then just send it back to Apple for replacement as this is the safest way to do it. But when you get the iPhone back from Apple you will not have any data in it so make sure you have backed all of your data up with an iTunes backup. Make sure you back up your iTunes, contacts, photos you want to keep, any email account settings, text messages you want to save and so forth. If you choose to send your iPhone to a third party repair place such as an internet site that specializes in iPhone repair you would get back your iPhone 4 with your data restored in it. If you go this route you will have to remember to send them any unlock passwords too.

Taser Gun Gadget To Protect Lives

November 27, 2017

The reputation of the taser gun is actually incredible from the very first time it was designed identified to the public up to these days. The device is not just for individuals who are fond of gathering security items but these are beneficial for all, specifically to those who go household late at night time or to travelers who are fond of going from a person area to the other. The gadget is bound to shield lives and there are presently a whole lot of folks becoming helped and even the military base safety officers or the private investigators are using the explained safety system.

The taser gun is a type of gadget uncovered valuable adequate and if you are browsing for the ideal basic safety item you can in fact use, this one can be fantastic. What do you think are the rewards you will acquiring? How can you say that it can preserve your life in case you had been trapped in an unpredicted circumstance wherein you can not truly request for someone’s help? It is not difficult to safeguard yourself these days and due to the fact we are being modern these days, it will be clever plenty of if you can present by yourself a thing you can effortlessly

These weapons can actually lead to you incredible soreness but not seriously as impressive as other actual fire arms. Far more and a lot more individuals are receiving hook with this variety of weapon these days due to its 99% incapacitation charge. The gun basically includes the thin insulated wire back which resembles the handgun along with the laser light. If you want to attain the most added benefits in applying, be guaranteed that you know how to manage the matter so you won’t be terrified when you want to use it and what if you have to have to hurry up? Hence, browse the manual information that would reveal to you the instruction of right handling of the gun.

Taser basic safety guns ended up invented prolonged time already to protect lives and it is coined as a single of the most wonderful device for self-defense. As time goes by, it is turning into much more substantial-tech and it is by now far far better than the old ones. You can’t basically obtain this 1 if you are nonetheless under 18 many years of age for safety and liability functions.

If you lack price range this time and if you are still saving up, shop around for you to see. Don’t assume that you are throwing away revenue for it, for you can genuinely use it to treatment for what you have and for on your own.

There are several self-defense weapons that you can use to safeguard your self against an attacker. Stun guns or pepper sprays can give you the benefit of shock and give you that excess second you need for escape. If you have to use this type of self-defense, do not hang around. Run for security and phone the police.

Look at with your nearby law enforcement in advance of you obtain a self-defense item to verify the community laws or any other any legal problems. You surely don’t want to stop up in jail for carrying an illegal weapon. has all the information and goods on self defense and how to safeguard you from being attacked or killed. self protection weapons, self protection for women

Explore the gallery of Indian images at

November 26, 2017

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The unique Indian images at can serve the diverse purposes of users. Whether you are a corporate professional, graphic or web-designer, Media Company, or even a student, you can choose any of the Indian Photos, which suits your need. Captured and polished using modern techniques, these images can be used in any kind of projects and presentations. Apart from this, we kept in mind the hassle-free browsing by users. The website possesses smooth navigational features. Not only this, a meticulous use of the essentials of a good website design, including, layout, white spaces and balance, has been made to give it an appealing look.

Slate Cleaner and Removing Glue or Sticky Substances

November 26, 2017

Removing glue from any surface is hard to do; you want to ensure that youre well informed when it comes to slate cleaner, and getting those gooey messes off your counter. You want to ensure that the glue is removed, but you also want to make sure that you do not ruin the counter top that it is on. Super glue is fast setting, and hard to remove out of the rest of them. Acetone is one of the most used removers for super glue. It can be found in nail polish remover, but nail polish remover might eat away at the stone. You can find it at hardware stores easily now alone. You can put acetone on a swab, and use it to dab the surface of the glue. You will want to apply it in small doses, and carefully not to ruin anything around the surface or the surface itself.

Sticker glue might also be difficult to remove from your stone surface. Getting slate cleaner is beneficial. If you peel the sticker off then a sticky backing might be left behind. Peanut butter is recommended because it removes the stickiness, but it also does not harm the counter tops. This is one of the most loved methods of removing the sticky residue. Vinegar, vegetable, and baby oils work just as well as peanut butter as well. Apply it evenly, and then wipe it off with warm water and a soft cloth.

Rubber cement is hard to remove, but it can be removed with a thinner. You just want to tread lightly when using it since it can eat through the stone. Soaking the glue in the solvent can break apart the glue and remove it from the counter when you use a warm wash cloth and gently wipe it away. School glue is the easiest to remove, and less sticky mess because it cracks when it dries. If you use warm water, it will soften the glue and make it easier to wipe away. This allows you to remove the glue just by wiping it with a damp cloth. You can then use a slate cleaner once the glue is removed.

Once all of this happens, and the glue is removed, you can then go over the place with the slate cleaner and polish. This will allow you to keep the stone clean no matter what gets on it and save the life of your counters.

How To Save Money When Using Your Iphone Abroad

November 25, 2017

If youre set to go abroad this year, make sure youre completely aware of the charges and costs associated with taking your iPhone away with you. The idea of uploading the latest snaps, checking your e-mail and Facebook, and keeping in constant contact with friends and family may seem like a fun, but in reality, youll incur some pretty heft charges as a result.

Therefore, before you travel, read through the following tips and advice to ensure you dont get the shock of your life when you return home and see that phone bill. This way youll know the most effective ways of saving money, and avoid those unwelcome charges in the meantime.

Avoid Data Roaming

This is a huge problem when taking any mobile phone abroad. For iPhone users, and in fact other Smartphone users, you can avoid data roaming charges by simply using free Wi-Fi. Make sure you switch off data roaming first, by accessing Settings, General and then Network. If you want to get online and check e-mails or Facebook, make sure you do so when signed into a free Wi-Fi spot. Your hotel should provide this, but also check for other areas for free Wi-Fi spots. You can do this using a variety of different apps available.

Check Your Tariff Options

Before you travel, always check what your tariff entitles you to, in terms of using it abroad. Some tariffs will be very basic and not offer any sort of rates abroad. In this sense, when you land, your network will roam onto a network within that country, where you will be charged extortionate amounts to send and receive calls and texts etc. Therefore, if you know youll be regularly using your phone, ensure youre on a tariff that enables mobile usage at a fair rate. For example, all major network providers have options for mobile usage abroad, and all vary in price and what they offer. So be sure to check with your provider before you jet off.

Change Your SIM Card

Another way of making a huge saving is to either change your SIM before you leave, or to use a local one when you arrive at your destination. Changing your SIM to a global one is perfect if you want to use your phone as you would in the UK; for texts, calls and data usage. Alternatively, you could get a domestic one relevant to the visiting country. This will ensure that you only pay local rates. You just need to top the phone up with credit, which can be done online or at specific retailers. For some SIMs, youll be able to keep your number, but if youre getting a local one, then your number will be different. Just be aware of this.

Be Prepared

The more you prepare for your holiday, the less chance youll incur extra costs. This is referring to backing up information stored online that will be vital for when youre out there. For example, if you need a local map to find the location of your hotel, instead of trying to access this via the Internet enabled map feature, simply take a screenshot of the map and store on your hard drive. iPhones have an excellent feature that enables you to capture whats on your screen. Simply hold down the Home button, and hit Power/Sleep, to capture whats on your screen.

Get Insured

Whilst iPhones are incredibly popular and useful, theyre also particularly expensive. This means that they are quite a sought after product, and whether youre in the UK or abroad, there will always be someone with a keen eye for it. Not only that, but when on holiday, there is a higher risk of your phone getting broken or lost. Imagine if you didnt have some sort of insurance to cover the cost of a new iPhone if you needed to replace it. Therefore, it pays to get insured before you leave, safe in the knowledge that if something happens to it, youll be protected financially.

Mobile Enterprise Security Rise Of The Android

November 24, 2017

Until recently, most people recognized the iPhone as the smartphone. For quite a while, this was true, but this fact is rapidly changing. Android is not just a phone, but it is a complete smartphone ecosystem that encompasses smartphones, tablets and thin client devices. It is also open source, one of the reasons for its phenomenal success.

Most home users may still use windows, but above the user level, Linux dominates server farms, web servers, and other high-level applications. This is the enterprise realm and Android is poised for success in this environment. The only real competition is Blackberry, which is mainly because of the legacy of Blackberry’s prior success. With Android maturing, the enterprise will no doubt be looking to incorporate it into their technology profile.

The Good and the Bad

This is where the promises and threats begin; one can easily imagine a chain of restaurants adopting Android tablets in lieu of order pads to increase efficiency and service. It is just as easy to imagine a cyber criminal hacking into one of them to install a malicious app to steal receipts-receipts that may include a credit card number or other personally identifying information.

A major corporation would be well served by adopting Android tablets and smartphones for its staff. Being open source, the cost would be low and the companies could customize the platform to their needs. However, a single compromised smartphone stealing data, or destroying vital services could wreak havoc within the companys networking. As Android expands its sphere of influence, so the potential threats will grow.

IT Rises to the Challenge

The first and biggest challenge is the lost phone. If a smartphone is lost or stolen, the data contained on it must be considered compromised. If a businessperson uses that phone, then valuable information can be at risk. Data Loss Prevention, or DLP is one of the terms used to refer to this syndrome, and major security providers have already fielded a number of solutions. GPS can be leveraged to trace a lost or stolen smartphone, and in the event of a theft, the unit can be remotely locked to prevent access. In extreme cases, the unit can be wiped remotely. If a thief attempts to replace the SIM card in order to gain access to the device, there are methods that will alert the user or IT manager to the situation.

Looking to the Future

While hardware is commodity, and software is replaceable, data, on the other hand, is more than valuable and always at risk. The future of enterprise IT will include Android, and this means that security will be a major industry; it is already, but for the mobile market, it is only just beginning.

Look to see server level Android management systems to consolidate all Android devices in the enterprise and managed security solutions that include everything from content filtering to anti-virus and DLP. Many enterprises are already allowing employees to use their own smartphones and attach them to the network with the installation of the company’s security software. There will of course be privacy issues but the promise of this new ecosystem is too great to be ignored.